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Things To Do in Huaiji

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滇国剑客It has already passed the time for the red and willow greens when I came to play, but the scene of the harvest full of fruits on the heads really makes people feel that the charm of Xanadu is so exciting and attracts many tourists to watch.
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滇国剑客I haven't been to Huaiji before, and there is really no concept of Yanshan Scenic Area in my impression. After walking around in the field, I feel the Yanshan Mountain here. Although it is not as famous as the Yanshan Mountain in North China, the scenery is not bad.
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D35***43Liannan Yao Village, outside Qingyuan City, has more than 1000 years of history. In it, the majority of the population is Yao, one of the 55 ethnic minorities in China. The Yao number more than 2.5 million people throughout the country and 400,000 in Vietnam, although they originally come from the Chinese province of Hunan. They have their own language and customs and often live in mountainous areas.
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D32***57Just great. Thrilling parts, followed by calm cobbling water was a great mix. Fairly long ride down, definitely worth the trip.
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小猪罗比Enjoy the reputation of "Guangdong Jiuzhaigou", is known as the most characteristic eco-tourism resort in the province. The scenic area is famous for its unique natural landscape and elegant ecological environment, but the scenic area is full of forest, waterfalls, and marvels. Collect leisure vacation, sightseeing, rural experience, rural flavor in one.
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288***90Guangning Bamboo Sea Grand View Scenic Area is located in Guangning County, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. The scenic area covers 8.13 square kilometers, and the dense bamboo forest constantly conveys a large amount of pure oxygen from Lanzi, which is one of the largest oxygen bars in South China.