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优的良仕Then there is Seal Bay. This is the most worthy place to look at Kangaroo Island, because you can observe wild sea lions up close. You read it right. Although it is called Seal Bay, it is actually a sea lion. , But not to mention I don’t see much difference, it should be the same. There are two kinds of tickets, one is to watch by yourself on the plank road, this is cheaper, the other is explained, this is more expensive, I suggest that since it is here, it is better to find an explanation, so that you can get down to the beach. The sea lions are only ten meters away. This is interesting. Otherwise, there is only a viewing platform on the plank road. There are not many sea lions that can be seen. The commentary is 32 dollars for adults and children. Twenty dollars is actually not too expensive. I think it is acceptable. Of course, it is a real pain on the whole. The sea lions are very cute. Looking at various performances, I think the tickets are still worth it.
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HelenSeal Bay Conservation Park, translated as "Seal Bay", is actually a sea lion habitat, and visitors can walk to the beach with a park guide to observe the sea lions. There are a few regular shifts every day, but you don't usually have to make an appointment in advance, because the number of people in the team is more flexible. Pay attention to the difference between guided tour and boardwalk: The former is 35 Australian dollars, which is the kind of tour we participate in, and the guide can go directly to the beach; The latter is A$16, but can only look out over the sea lions along the wooden plank road. Waiting for the tour to begin, there is a lot of sea lions in the hall (the staff also have Chinese version of the information card, you can borrow it), and there is a touching table, that is, the skin and bones above, which let you feel. (Although it feels a bit strange~) I met a super kind grandfather-level staff that day. He was enthusiastic and patient in introducing us a lot of classic information and helping us plan the route. Even if the guided tour, it is not really too close to the sea lion. After all, we can't disturb them. It's very lucky to jump out of the grass like this, and pass by the tourists calmly. After the beach experience, we went to feel the distance on the path. The angle is actually very beautiful. Although it's a bit far to see the sea lions, but with long focus, the shooting is not bad.
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National Park
优的良仕Flinders National Park is also a landmark attraction of Kangaroo Island. Its area is very large. It occupies almost one-third of the western area of Kangaroo Island. It covers all areas from south to north. But in fact, its main attractions are still relatively concentrated, that is, the Magic Rock and the flagship arch. Tickets are also required here. The island is very expensive and the attractions also charge. Kangaroo Island is still very expensive. The Magic Rock and the flagship arch are all concentrated in the south, a few kilometers away, but it takes about 20 minutes to drive in from the entrance of the park. In fact, no one looks at the tickets, all consciously. It is recommended to come here at sunset, there are few people. The flagship arch is considered to be two scenic spots here, and there is another Tianya Haijiao. The so-called Tianya Haijiao means that this is the closest place to Antarctica in Australia. The flagship arch is worth visiting here. In addition to the natural scenery, it is also a habitat for sea lions. You can also see a lot of sea lions here. In fact, if you just want to see sea lions, you don’t even need to go to Seal Bay. The number here is still More than Seal Bay. The scenery is of course very beautiful. This arch is really unique, and you can feel it no matter how you shoot it. By the way, there is also a Little Red Riding Hood here, a very beautiful lighthouse. The disadvantage is that it is a bit far from the sea.
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攻略小编Kangaroo Island + Seal Bay Day Tour DAY: 1 [Kangaroo Island Odysseys] Open Time: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Days: Monday - Friday, Times: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, [Kangaroo Island] Play Time: 1-2 Day Open Time: Open Tickets for all days: Free Kangaroo Island Closes to Nature No. 4 [Amazing Rock] Play Time: 1-2 Hour Open Time: All-day Tickets: Free Kangaroo Island Closes to Nature No. 6 [Flinders Chase National Park] Play Time: 1 Day Open Time: The scenic spot is temporarily closed because of the jungle fire. The specific opening time is subject to the scenic spot announcement. The original opening time: open all day. Tickets: free kangaroo island close to nature No. 1 [flagship arch] play time: 1 hour ticket: free kangaroo island close to nature No. 5 "THE END"

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Clifford's Honey FarmKangaroo Island,Australia

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Cape Borda LightstationKangaroo Island,Australia

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Australia is truly a country for nature lovers and for many of us, we are itching to get out to explore The Great Outdoors. The good news is as restrictions start to lift, national parks are going to be some of the first areas we can leave our house to roam. We are lucky to live in a country whose sheer size lends itself to a wide variety of landscapes; from mountain ranges and deserts, to tropical rain forests, and beaches. The lush hinterlands, sea cliffs, dense rain forests, and canyons are all there waiting to be explored - now more than ever.
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It’s not too late to start planning and packing for a good old fashioned summer holiday on home turf. From the beaches, to the outback and city and outer regions, we’ve handpicked our top 10 last minute Australian summer holiday destinations, perfect for you and the whole family. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your Aussie Summer Holiday today.
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17 Oct, 2021
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17 Oct, 2021 Kangaroo Island Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 78%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:36/19:38
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