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Things To Do in Litang

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夏吹夏夜风🏡We are self-driving to Litang, so we slowly adapt to the air of the plateau when we drive. The altitude reaction is not very serious, but it is too excited or after climbing the stairs, the heartbeat will accelerate, the head will be a little dizzy 🚣Litang scenery is really beautiful! We have been sighing about the beauty here~✅Thousand houses of Tibetan villages are too shocking from the high point ✅There is a sister sea not far from Litang County. After a long drive, the beauty of a turn left us and the people in the party shocked to eat a stew in the cold weather. The soup pot is really warm from the head to the feet~ everyone come quickly~ pay attention to the body altitude reaction~
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顺时针1986West Sichuan has world-class scenery and is a secret place worthy of in-depth travel. Summer is a good time to go to Western Sichuan. If you have been to Ruoergai, Jiuzhaigou, Daocheng Yading, then choose Litang, because this is the location of Genie Mountain. It is located in Reke Township, Litang County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, at an altitude of 6,204 meters. , Is the 13th goddess among the 24 sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism in China. Anyone who has been to the Mount Gnei will be overwhelmed by its majesty. The main peak of the Mount Gnei is covered with snow all year round, emitting a dazzling brilliance under the sunlight. This is a typical high altitude area. Sparsely populated, there is a kind of original ecology everywhere, and many places are still in the state of virgin land. Recommend a route: from Chengdu along the Chengya Expressway to Yajiang, turn to the Sichuan-Tibet Highway via Kangding and Xindu Bridge to Litang. This is a purely self-driving cross-country route. Starting from Chengdu, drive along National Highway 318, and then pass through the Maoya Prairie to drive towards Gnei Mountain, passing through the Tiejiangshan Pass at an altitude of 4750, where you can see the Gnee Peaks in a row. open. From Litang County to Batang County, most of the road sections travel on the south side of Genie Mountain. The whole distance is 230 kilometers and the driving time is about 2-3 days. It is a high-risk crossing route. The psychological and physical requirements are very high. Affected by the epidemic, starting from April 22, 2020, Gnieshen Mountain Scenic Area will be open to the public. The daily opening hours are 8:30-18:00. You must actively show your ID card and health code at the entrance management service station of the scenic area. Confirm the health status, consciously accept the temperature measurement, cooperate with the real-name registration, and fill in the visitor’s admission letter.
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Historical Architecture
酒仙老周If not too tight time! If not the road is far away, the mountain road is rugged different cities! We can try to continue one night in Litang after Batang and then time can be full to enjoy a leisurely stroll here! However, the hurried is the theme of this trip to Xinjiang! First time inevitably! Believe me, the epidemic will be remitted again! White Tower Park can also go shopping! In fact, Litang can really live for a few days! Sky City! [View] [Fun] [Cost-effective]
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Nature Reserve
E29***70A magical place to visit, even in summer when a perpetual cloud sits over the snow capped mountain. There is no food available (or hot water) so bring your own. If you stay inside the National Park, it saves you having to buy an entrance ticket for a second day if you want to hike twice
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_We***17I drove past here and stopped here for a while. Although it was almost autumn, the time hadn't arrived yet. Red grass is not very red. There are only more than ten days of scenery every year, and it is really blessed to meet them. At that time, it was a bit red, but it was not the best time. The red grasses that grow in the water are mostly dense and dense, like shrubs rooting in the pool. Under the sunlight, these red grasses radiate red in purple, which is very eye-catching. Behind the "Red Grass" is a small village. There are also some poplar trees around the village, most of which have turned into golden yellow under the influence of the autumn wind. The "Red Grass" is surrounded by several mountains. Going around here, I feel good, and there are basically no people.
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Tom84114Xindu Bridge has gained fame in recent years, and it is the last pure land propaganda for the blue planet in Daocheng Aden. A common town, with blue sky and white clouds, snowy mountains, and flocks of eastern Alps, has attracted the attention of tourists and friends from all over the country. Praise beads of National Highway 318 Xindu Bridge, I praise you. 1. Location: less than 40km west of Kangding, it is coming soon after turning over many mountains. 2. Time: National Highway 318 pierced the landscape of the Chinese in the Xindu Bridge, there is a section of about 10km away, the scenery is beautiful, return to the truth. 3. Price: Photographer's Paradise is free, but living in photographer's Paradise is very expensive. The worst hotel and homestays in Xindu Bridge on holidays are 300 starting points. Many Tongpu must be more than 200, you have to book in advance. 4. Watch point: Autumn Xindu Bridge is the most beautiful place in western Sichuan, the deep blue sea son reflected the mountains and forests, colorful leaves are autumn clothes, bright and elegant. A leaf falls and know the world autumn, there is no leaves here, so there is no autumn depression, the snow peaks in the distance just let you feel refreshed, doting and insulting all forget, forget the trouble of many things autumn, good spring fulness scene. These are all I imagine, because in May, the grass does not grow and fly, only the warp tube, in the open and open space between the earth and the sky, I will come.