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Ancient Pagoda
M39***05Liang Yusheng Park is located at the southeast corner of Mengshan County, beside National Road 321, 143 kilometers from Guilin City. Liang Yusheng Park is originally located in the Busan Pagoda (or Wenbi Pagoda), because the pagoda was built at the top of the mountain, the mountain is like a giant python, so it is named. The main tower was built in the twenty-seventh year of Qianlong, Qing Dynasty (1762), Jiaqing, and rebuilt in 1985. The tower is divided into five layers, hexagonal, each layer has a tower, the top of the tower is covered with glazed tiles, the top is the lotus-shaped pottery products. "On the two sides of the tower gate, a couplet was made by Mr. Liang Yusheng (formerly known as Chen Wentong), a Hong Kong novelist of martial arts from Mengshan County, who returned to his hometown in February 1987. "On the day of the Guangying, he went to the highest place to open his heart and see the township gang re-renovated the pages; the pen is a real person's own vision, The lookers are more than the former wise. Each layer of window, from the bottom up, still according to the old pagoda inscription, respectively: "Fengfeng unique, " ladder cloud road, " in the vital energy, " light shooting bull", " straight up the zhang zhang palace. Each layer of zhang lid, all decorated with colorful patterns.
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M39***05Tianshu Canyon Scenic Area is a national AAAA class tourist attraction located in Jingzhou City, Guangxi Province. [1]In 2020, the scenic spot will be reopened and operated from the day of December 31, all medical workers and their parents, spouses and children will enter the park free of charge with valid certificates (doctor's certificate, nurse's certificate or other qualification certificates related to medical work). Medical workers groups can make reservations with the scenic area in advance. In addition, the scenic area will open preferential window and green passage for medical workers in the tourist season. [1]
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mel***ngThe mountain road is rugged, more than 20 kilometers of road will drive an hour, the meeting car is inconvenient, quite a "Willow dark flowers and bright village" wonderful, let children contact the nature, not yet completely eroded by commerce, suitable for a quiet place scattered leisure visitors, the village only three small restaurants, A hotel is sitting on the water. The car camp is complete, love!
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M39***05Yumengchong, also known as Mengchong, is five kilometers east of the county. Yumengchong is a canyon in the mountains. The Qingxi, which is confluence of Hulu River and Trisha River, flows more than ten kilometers from the deep of the estuary, into the estuary, only see the rock cliffs in the Gorge dripping green, blue water, beautiful scenery. There are the thousands of strange stones, forming a long corridor full of poetic and picturesque.
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Water Conservancy Project
M39***05Mountain lake beautiful scenery is located in Mengshan county four kilometers north, for a new tourist area Mengshan. This tea mountain river built up the tea mountain reservoir, 14 kilometers deep, is farmland irrigation, power generation, visit the comprehensive alpine lake. Chashankou's magnificent reservoir dam on both sides, like the lion's peak, distant, since ancient times called this scene "double lions plug mouth."
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Ancient Trees
zhglwyZhoutou Gurong is located on the north street of Mengshan County. The three ancient banyan trees are connected together, with lush branches and huge umbrellas. The largest tree requires a dozen people to hug. The Mengshan people have the custom of recognizing the big tree as a dry mother. During the holidays, people go to the tree and worship.

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