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Things To Do in Picardy

31 Reviews
M36***22Chantilly is very beautiful, really great tour, great views around, also horseback riding and watching horsemanship in the castle, it still feels great.
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Historical Architecture
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
M22***00The sculptures are more tedious than Notre Dame. Other attractions are more formal and the city is quieter and neater than I was in France.
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M22***00Astek Theme Park, one of the five largest amusement parks in Europe, opened on April 30, 1989. This adventure and excitement park with cartoon characters and Greek mythology as the main body creates ghost trains, horror games, weird witchcraft, Shocking yells, acceleration, and sudden braking.
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Historical Architecture
M22***00Located 80 kilometers north of Paris, Gonbié is located along the Waz River, where the Eine River pours into the Waz River. There are many historical sites, such as the Imperial Theatre, where Napoleon III built a theater near the Royal Palace at the site of a Galmourian monastery in 1866.
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Historical Site
M29***53Featured gameplay Pierrefonds Castle, built by Louis Orleans at the end of the 14th century, Louis Orleans is the son of Charles V and the earl of Varois. The castle was demolished by Louis VIII in the 17th century, and the architectural engineer Violet Le Duque restored it completely for Napoleon III.
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coo***anThis equestrian museum is more like a large horse stable of a castle, with a vast grassland next to it. The Equestrian Museum mainly displays some horse riding equipment, paintings and sculptures made for famous horses in the past, but today there are still many horses, including some race horses, and you can also see wonderful horse dressing performances here.