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Things To Do in Qianxi

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阿凡侠Qingshanguan has the fun of the Great Wall, and the culture of the Great Wall, scenic management is also good, is a recommended attraction. The castle part characteristic is slightly insufficient, can further develop, the Great Wall part has certain difficulty, but this is the original Great Wall characteristic, the scenic spot is still under construction, hope to go up another floor.
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睡恣@M丶Jingzhongshan is famous for its beautiful scenery. On the mountain road, you can see the tall and standing pine everywhere. More than 3000 ancient pine trees over 200 years constitute the unique scenery of Jingzhongshan. Looking at the ancient pine in the mountains, remembering the text of the pine tree: "Look at it, whether it's in the cliffs, whether it's in the barren land, if there's a seed, whether it's planted intentionally or dropped at will. And whether it comes from the wind or from the mouth of the birds.
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Water Conservancy Project
天水小筑潘家口There is a diving club and farmhouse on the Great Wall. You can dive or recreational activities, sing, climb the Great Wall, play boats, swim, fishing. It is a good place for small people in the Beijing and Tianjin areas [scene] [fun]
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微随遇心而安This attraction is particularly suitable for children. The design of the steps is very reasonable. It is a slow step. It is always running with water. It is fun and not tired. There are many entertainment facilities. The playability is very good. The sound control fountain is very special. 10 yuan can be experienced. The louder the sound, the higher the spray. There are glass paths and aerial shooting points, 30 people, no half price. There are drought slides and air ropeways down the mountain. Those with children under the age of 16 can only choose the slide, which is safer, 30 people. There are also jungle rafting, 50 people, more standing platoons, no experience. In short, the scenery is very beautiful, climb not tired, all the way to talk and laugh.
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Water Conservancy Project
浙江年年游Located in the city of Tangshan in Hebei Qianxi County, the large Heiting reservoir surrounded by mountains is very strong. The water in the reservoir is very clear, and the mountains are very beautiful, but it may be a dry period, the water level is lower or more obvious, the area of the reservoir is much smaller than before.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
M41***32After driving for almost an hour, I finally came to Xifeng Xiongguan Dadao Garden. It happened to be the season when chestnuts were mature. I experienced the fun of beating a handful of chestnuts. Then I ate an authentic farmhouse meal at noon. My favorite was the chestnut noodles Wowotou. , Sweet and glutinous, it's a worthwhile trip