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546 Reviews
M61***34The scenery is still good, but I don't feel fully developed, there is no big hotel, the shopping on the east side of the scenic spot, the phenomenon of occupying the beach is serious, and there is no unified planning and management.
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M35***36The downtown area of the scenic spot is very far away, there is a direct bus. Going to get up early, tickets are 25, not very expensive. The scenery is used to seeing green mountains and green water as a southerner, can only say general. I went in autumn, I feel that summer is better, summer is full of water, and the stream will be much better. There are dozens of kilometers from the beginning to the end of the scenic spot, it is very difficult for ordinary people to go to the end, I took more than 5 hours to walk all the way to the full journey. There were no people behind by half of the time. There are many kinds of plants in it, like the *** scenery of plants is good, cost-effective,
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Nature Reserve
M41***961. Route: It is recommended to go to the south gate and go to the north gate. The road to the south gate is not long, but it is a test of vehicle skills, the slope is very steep, and there are a few sharp turns. The uphill trail at the south gate is very peaceful and relaxing. I went down the mountain from the north gate, and the scenery along the way was pretty good. The slope is long, but not so steep. It is 7km from the mountain up and down to the ticket office, and 7km from the ticket office to the entrance of the village with the north and south gate signs. 2. There are many monkeys on the side of the forest path at the south gate, and they are not afraid of people. When you come, you can prepare a bag of bananas for feeding. It should be expensive to buy in the parking lot. 3. Take the trail to exercise your body, after all, it is quite long. There are strange rocks on the top of the mountain, as well as meadows. The top of the mountain is not very big, I prefer meadows. The wind on the top of the mountain is very cool. I heard from the uncle in the park that I can see the sea when it is sunny. 4. My favorite in the whole journey is the trail to the south gate. It rained that morning, the trees shaded the sun, and walked up the mountain on the wet steps, especially walking to the wooden seating seats by the creek, which made people feel relaxed. The whole road gives people a very peaceful feeling, without external disturbances. Maybe I am here to enjoy this
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周游列国Liufeng Mountain is located in Lingshan County, Qinzhou City, Guangxi Province. It is a well-known resort destination in the local area. It is known as one of the "Eight Scenic Spots of Qinzhou. The six peaks stand on a flat ground and can overlook Lingshan County by climbing. Coupled with the towering ancient trees on the mountains, the strange rocks and phosphates, and the hidden cliffs and stone carvings and temple arches in the green woods, it is also quite interesting to explore. It is good to go for leisure on weekends, and it is no wonder that it is also a popular scenic spot in the show.
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Geological Sites
江湖一秀才Going to Yanxia Mountain was chosen as a side attraction of Bazhaigou in Qinzhou. The road from the national highway into the scenic area has just been repaired and is very dusty. Maybe it’s just been developed, but it’s not well known, so there are not many people, and the parking lot is still earthy. The scenic area is contracted to the boss for development. The area currently being developed is not large, with only one hilltop, and the rest have not yet been involved. Follow the signs and walk down all the way for 2 hours. Because of the red color of the stones on the mountain, it is named Haze. It belongs to the same type as Danxia Mountain in Shaoguan, Guangdong, but the visibility is much worse. There are a few places where the rocks are very big and pictographic, like apes or Goku, they are worth looking at. Ascending to the top of the mountain, the scenery is great, and the mountains are far and wide. It is a pity that eucalyptus is planted all over the mountain, and the scenery is greatly reduced. Highlights: Mainly stones, water seems to be pumped up from the bottom of the mountain manually. The top of the mountain is worth seeing. In addition, two drums were also put on, which was more distinctive. The pressure was relieved by screaming a few times. Reminder: It's best not to go on rainy days, because the road down the mountain is just to plan the soil steps. Rainy days are expected to be slippery and sticky, and it is not safe. Some places are steep, try to walk inside.
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Ancient Settlement
gz当地向导伊妹儿The Dalu Village Folk Customs Tourist Area has beautiful scenery, charming scenery, unique architectural styles, and unique places. Feel the local folk customs and customs, customs, and feel comfortable and great.

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Qinzhou Travel Tips

About Qinzhou

Qinzhou is a modern city situated on the coast of Guangxi province in southwest China. It is known for its picturesque scenery and rich history. The area has been a popular destination since ancient times and features in the works of many famous historical figures, including the Song dynasty poet Su Dongpo, the Qing dynasty painter Qi Baishan and the 20th-century poet Tian Han. Popular attractions include Sanniang Bay, Bazhai Valley and the former residence of the Qing dynasty military general Feng Zicai.

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20 Sep, 2021 Qinzhou Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 93%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:34/18:45
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