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Featured Neighborhood
01234567890liLyon city (Vieux Lyon) belongs to Lyon, the fifth district, is a Renaissance of blocks, located on the right bank of the sane is old fishing village, 15 century to become the world''s biggest producers of silk fabric, in the 17th century was the political, economic and cultural center of France. Here still holds many 15 to 17 th-century antique buildings, many of the gothic, Renaissance and greco-roman housing connected to each other, orange tonal, of particular features. Lyon city (Vieux Lyon) built in, love the church of our lady of white on the top of the hill, 281 meters high, is old Lyon symbolic landscape. Urban construction of the city of more concentrated reflection from Roman times change after the middle ages to the 19th century the ancient city ruins, is must.
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Churches and Cathedrals
ForeverHappy2729Highly recommended to spend time to hang around and check out the beauty of its. Its rank over than others, not the size, obviously the details of everything, like the ceiling, the windows, .... marvellous upkeeping, just beautiful....
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Botanical Garden
City Park
01234567890liGolden head for France''s largest city park, the park overall is roughly triangular, by English garden style, northwest near NeHe, grant from XiMenXiangDong across the park, the park is divided into north and south on both sides. Including the southwest of the south mall, deer park and botanical gardens, as well as the southeast edge of botanical garden, greenhouse and the zoo. Northern mainly covers an area of about a third of the whole park area artificial lake and rose garden. Artificial lake covers an area of 16 hectares for olive shape, the lake has a big and a small two artificial lake. Golden head park, botanical garden with plants from all over the world in 15000, is one of the French varieties more botanical garden, all greenhouse made of glass and steel, has a typical style of the 19th century, flowers in full bloom, fragrance pubi.
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01234567890liRich and mountain is the cradle of Lyon, is also the cradle of Christianity, Lyon so pray also known as mountain, Lyon hanukkah is relevant to the mountain. There are built in the 19th century baroque church of our lady, and ancient Rome''s Colosseum in Rome and the Roman Gaul natural history museum. Standing on the mountain the whole city scenery, panoramic view, the highest floor of that building the locals called a pencil. The other side of the mountain is the Croix - Rousse district, the former textile workers gathered hill, also known as the textile mountain. From here you can also see together in the middle of the two rivers peninsula, area,, of course, is also a good place to watch the night scene in the evening.
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01234567890liIs a miniature of the movie world, which introduces the film props and props production, special effects, a lot of famous scene in the movie miniature landscape. Such as "museum wonderful night scenes are taken under a miniature landscape, after the visit to a higher position. King kong Wolf claws, harry potter''s wand, the Chronicles of narnia monster head, etc., these props also take great pains. Museum of the large screen is introduced about the process of making the movie props must calm down to take a look. In addition, the museum is the largest, most real scene from the movie "perfume", the birthplace of the protagonist, perfume shop, make the basement of perfume, etc., have the time, worth a visit!
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01234567890liLyon white lai in the center of the square, once known as the royal square. As well as the central plaza, less commonly, it all is paved the clay from the ground, although this does not make it very beautiful, but it left a deep impression to the person. Square red. Red roof with Lyon, the old city building is very harmonious. Interestingly, the square was important stage Lyon textile worker unrest in the middle of the 19th century.

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