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Geological Sites
首席监理Changyu Dongtian is located in the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta and northeast of Ewenling City, Taizhou Bay, Zhejiang Province. It belongs to the east side of the south section of the second first-order structural complex uplift zone of the Xinhuaxia System. The main attractions of Changyu Dongtian are: Baxianyan, Wild Mountain Scenic Area, Chongguo Temple Scenic Area, Shuangmen Temple, Guanxi Temple, Shuiyun Temple. Eight Xianyan, the scenic area is located in the east side of Phoenix Mountain, because there are eight rocks like the eight Xian gathering and Changyu Dongtian name. The scenic area is centered on Baxianyan Temple, which connects 39 scenic spots such as Shiliang Zu, Shiliang Ancient Cave and Lingxiao Palace, which integrates religious culture and natural landscape, and is called "Xianxiang".
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Ancient Settlement
Neli am recommending this place to all travellers. this place offers stunning views. a day or 2 would be great to explore all the areas.
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135***78Fangshan Scenic Area is really very good. Not too many people. The mountain is not too high. It should be the remnants of Yandang Mountain. The mountain is more cliff cliffs. The valley of Qifeng is like a square cut by the knife. The mountain is not too high and the climb is not tired. It takes half a day to prepare the key ticket price. It is more moderate and cost-effective. It is worth a trip. I recommend to buy tickets on Trip.com. There is still a little discount for using Longka to pay.
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shidina1990I went in April 2019. The scenery is still very good. It was hot and early, and the sea water was much bluer than the one on the Xiangshan side.
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首席监理Nansongyan Scenic Area is located in Daxi Town, Taizhou, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is a provincial-level scenic area and is known as the "Sacred Mountain and Buddha Kingdom." Entering from the stone pile, the rock gate stands on the wall, and the environment is very quiet and peaceful. On the mountain, there are many scenic spots such as Longqiangmen, Chaotian Turtle, Taoist Peak, Jiaolong Waterfall, Zhubajie Pass, Shuanglong Snatching Pearls, and Tengu Doors. Usually there are very few people. 【view】 [Price ratio]
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_We***67I would like to ask if anyone went out to fish on the 15th or 16th. We are only four of us. It feels like renting a boat is not worthwhile. Is there any one together? The cost of chartering the boat will be evenly shared.

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Fangshan Nansongyan Scenic AreaTaizhou,China

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Purple Lotus Mountain Scenic AreaTaizhou,China

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Siji Ecology Agriculture GardenTaizhou,China

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Golden BeachTaizhou,China

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Wenling Fangshan Scenic AreaTaizhou,China

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Changyu Dongtian Eight Immortals RockTaizhou,China

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About Wenling

Wenling, located on the southeastern coast of Zhejiang, is a coastal city that has risen rapidly ever since reform and opening up began. The local marine resources are abundant and there are many sea products. The unique sunshine culture, stone culture and marine culture have given Wenling a different sort of charm. Named the "First Quarry in the World," the Changyu Quarry is one of the area's famous tourist spots. Others famous tourist spots include the Fangshan Scenic Area, the Millennium Morning Light Garden and the Taihu Mountain Scenic Area.

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