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Things To Do in Wenling

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Geological Sites
酒仙老周Good place to go in summer! The grottoes are really cool! The natural cool can also see the previous artificial quarrying ruins! A lot of science and technology with natural knowledge! A baby is still a good choice! The kind of climbing is not tired! [View] [Fun] [Cost-effective]
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135***78Fangshan Scenic Area is really very good. Not too many people. The mountain is not too high. It should be the remnants of Yandang Mountain. The mountain is more cliff cliffs. The valley of Qifeng is like a square cut by the knife. The mountain is not too high and the climb is not tired. It takes half a day to prepare the key ticket price. It is more moderate and cost-effective. It is worth a trip. I recommend to buy tickets on Trip.com. There is still a little discount for using Longka to pay.
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Ancient Settlement
Neli am recommending this place to all travellers. this place offers stunning views. a day or 2 would be great to explore all the areas.
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沐浴爱河Changyu Cave is located in the northeast of Wenling City, the southern corner of Taizhou Bay, Zhejiang Province. It is located in Changyu Town, the world-famous "Stone Township". It is a provincial-level scenic spot and the largest artificially excavated stone cave. In April 1998, it was awarded the Guinness Book of Best in the World. In April 2002, it was rated as the National AAAA Tourist Area by the National Tourism Administration. It consists of four scenic spots: Baxian Rock, Shuangmendong, Chongguo Temple and Yeshan. It is a stone cultural landscape formed after artificial slab mining since the Southern and Northern Dynasties. After more than 1,500 years, 28 cave groups and 1,314 cave bodies have been excavated.
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Citizen of the universe It was an amazing experience. I surprisingly saw way more species of animals than I expected. It's not a very big one though. I however had a good time out there. I took tons of photos, but it rather unfortunate that I can only upload 9 on here. If you ever find yourself in Wenling, make sure you check it out.
Nearby City
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E27***70it was a great journey. train booking is so easy with trip.com!