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新-云This is a more mysterious and quiet lake than Jiuzhaigou and Daocheng Aden. Hidden in the Xinlong County, western Sichuan, may be the mahi village of the beauty of the mahi village, which has bred the great beauty of the lake. Perhaps the mahi village hiding, she is a last to be disturbed by the world of the pure land...
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格格巴Yalong River is a typical alpine canyon river, the largest tributary of Jinsha River, originated at the southern foot of Bayankala mountain in Qinghai Province, the county of Qinghai Province, from northwest to southeast, passing through Nidakando and then into Sichuan Province, and from below the two river mouths to the north to the south. The Yalong River Basin is located in the north, west and east of Panzhihua City. The topography of the Yalong River Basin is high and inclined to the south. The source area of the river is separated from the Bayan Kala Mountains and the Yellow River Basin. The rest of the surrounding area is narrow and long between the Jinsha River and the Dadu River Basin.
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格格巴Bori Bridge, located in Le'an Township, Xinlong County, was built in the late Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty, by the bridge body, bridge pier, bridge pavilion three parts. It is like the human arm, is the Kangba area the most complete, longest span of all-wood stretching arm structure bridge. As the Red Army walked across the bridge, the local people kindly called the bridge "Red Army Bridge". Renovated a new Bori Bridge, like a rainbow flying frame on the Yalong River, magnificent, magnificent.
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Geological Sites
格格巴Hongshan is the new dragon of Ganzizhou scenic spot, the road or village road, there are no scenic gates, offices, no tickets, but someone blocked the road, this scenic spot has no mobile Internet mobile phone signal. Just see its surface, and I have been to a few Danxia landforms no less than, have been. If you have been to Zhangye Danxia landform landscape, red mountain stone more red, look more beautiful!
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enjoyzent"Zanduo Cuonama", meaning green gem, 3900 meters above sea level, the lake is not big, but her jasper-like lake crystal clear, will blue sky, white clouds, green trees, green mountains, temples in a group of arms, the shadows of charming demeanor, weather thousands of, is known as "world wonderland, nine days of Dianchi Lake." Because the scenery is beautiful, the photos taken are also durable, now share with friends.
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enjoyzentThe Temple of Essence is located at the foot of the main peak of the God Mountain in Xizha, Xionglong County, Ganzi Prefecture. It was built in 1860 AD and has a history of 142 years since now. It is the place where the Masters of Lero Longba, the Five Ming Buddhist Institute, Pengcuofa, Jinmei, and the Former Kings. The Buba Kongang Temple has been renovated for several years. The center of the hall is Maitreya Buddha, the left is the light Buddha, and the right is the Shakyamuni Buddha. Every year, the Tenth Earl of the Tibetan calendar, the Temple of the Tenth Earl of the Tibetan calendar, holds the "Lotus Master Kongang Dance".

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