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M23***04Huainan Bamboo Sea is worth going. Due to the service, you can choose the self-driving ticket for 100 yuan. If you enter the scenic spot, you can not go out of the gate. Tickets are valid. You can also take a sightseeing car, then buy a set ticket of 118 yuan. Both ways are convenient. It is convenient to enter the scenic spot to eat, live and travel. There are high-end hot spring homestays and clean farmhouses. There are special bamboo banquets and Zheng Erba Chicken Soup.
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Ancient Settlement
我的世外桃源Lizhuang Ancient Town, an ancient town of cultural and historical sites, an ancient town that tells the story of the Anti-Japanese War and the vicissitudes of the ancient town that reflects the traditional Chinese culture and preserves the Chinese national spirit...Lizhuang Ancient Town is located in Yibin, Sichuan Province The southern bank of the Changjiang River in the eastern suburb of the city, known as the "Wanli Changjiang First Ancient Town". Lizhuang has been built since 1460 years ago, is the Yangtze Riverside 1000-year old town, according to the Yangtze River, formed "Jiang guide Lushan, circulation Chuze, peak paiguiling, Xiuliu Xianyuan" natural landscape. Here is a pleasant climate, flat terrain, convenient land and water transportation, a long history, a rich human landscape, less business atmosphere, more simple human atmosphere.
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Geological Sites
吴雨2019Xingwen Shihai is a good scenic spot. Let me write some Raiders. First, tickets are 80, traffic cars 20, boat tickets 10 yuan, return traffic cars 10 yuan, a combined ticket of 120 yuan, there is no one cent discount. You don't need to buy a combined ticket, if you need it, go to the place to buy again. Second, if you take the bus, take the bus from the ticket gate to the first line of sky. After getting off the bus, you can cross the first line of sky to see the stones of the couple. Then take the bus to the Yiren Village. After the tour, you will come back by car and go through the first line of sky to the tiankeng. From the Tiankeng to Tianquan Cave, by boat in the cave, after the hole by return traffic car back to the parking lot. The main attraction is a line of sky, couple stone, Yao Renzhai, Tiankeng, Tianquan Cave five, the whole journey about two hours. Third, if you don't take a car, the time you arrange yourself, may be a little longer. Not far from the ticket gate, there is a path on the right hand side, the first attraction called Qinu Mountain, walk a circle back to the road. Then the second attraction on the left hand side is the monkey pool, walk a circle back to the road, then to a line sky. Crossing a line sky, from the right of the couple's stone is the third attraction. After returning to the road to the Yongren Village, do not need to come back, continue to go. After the end of the road from the steps road mountain, over the mountain to the Tiankeng. This road has the "Source of Life" stone female version, quite interesting, is the fourth attraction. These four journeys are not by car. If you go, the whole scenic area takes about five hours.
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小娃撑游艇Far away, you can feel, the atmosphere of Wuliangye winery, is absolutely magnificent. Walk up the steps, you can smell the wine. The big Wuliangye wine bottle stands on the top of the mountain, there is a feeling of worship.
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City Park
路上50Cuiping Mountain is named because of the green trees and the river bank of Pingshi. Taking the bright sunny day, it climbs along the plank road to the top and overlooks Yibin city. . . The last stop of Yibin tour is very close from Zhenwu Mountain Taoist Temple. You can climb to the top first, there is a tower, climb up to see the scenery of Yibin City, and then go down the plank road. The scenery is very good, but also more interesting, the path on the path is not very easy to walk.
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Geological Sites
滇国剑客The scenery in the mountain is beautiful, this is the conclusion that everyone comes to see the scenic spot to draw, so that beauty is a common language, oneself can speak, own characteristics will prove all this.

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Mujing Hot SpringYibin,China

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Xingwen Sea of RocksYibin,China

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Shunan Zhuhai (“South Sichuan Bamboo Sea”) National ParkYibin,China

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Shunan Zhuhai MuseumYibin,China

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Yibin Travel Tips

About Yibin

Yibin City is located in the southeast of Sichuan Province. It is the starting point of the Southern Silk Road. The headwaters of the Yangtze River originate from the Geladaindong Peak near the Tangla Pass. However, the Yangtze River geographically starts from Yibin in Sichuan. Under that consideration, Yibin is called the “First City of the Yangtze River." Yibin is also a city with very advanced liquor making tradition. The famous liquor Wuliangye is produced here. As a result, the place is has been given the moniker "capital of liquor".

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