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Things To Do in Yulin

352 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Lee Kok WengEntrance fees is RMB 150 at counter. We purchase at RMB 90 due to ongoing renovation. Without the Buddha, there is nothing much to see other than exhibits made from woods and coopers. There is a vegan restaurant on 6th floor. Price is reasonable. We got a private room for 12 pax and spent around RMB 500.
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kidaimamaTickets are purchased on site 60, Trip.com 58, which is very convenient to buy and use, the car enters the park for 20 yuan per car, the price is reasonable. There is no shuttle bus in the scenic spot, you need to drive to it by yourself, there are 16 kilometers from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. The lotus waterfall is now not big, the climb is tired, the mountain is also steep. The scenery is really nice, the Nordic windy lawn and the church are beautiful to take pictures.
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Water Park
飘雪100The environment is OK, but some facilities are not perfect, some pools are not very good, but there are still more things to play. The water show time was postponed repeatedly that day. Afterwards, I went back without watching. It should be very wonderful. Unfortunately!
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路易斯崔Yulin has a huge scenic spot-Wucai Garden. It covers an area of 52 square kilometers and includes 10 villages. There are a total of eight theme venues, a theme corridor and strawberry picking hall. There are cherry blossom avenue, rice field, Gesang flower field, dog's tail grass field, etc., suitable for different seasons to take pictures and check in, and tickets are free. The China Modern Agricultural Technology Exhibition Hall brings together various famous, special, rare and rare agricultural crops from home and abroad, and is full of dry goods.
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Lee Kok WengMust visit. They have a caravan park but not sure where to rent a caravan. They also have a hotel inside, should be very quiet . The entrance fees is RMB 80 inclusive of buggy ride. Take the buggy to the end to enjoy the "Buddha" cliff first. Then take the buggy to the sky bridge. Have to pay another RMB 90. There will a steep stairs to climb. You can walk your way down after or take the slide down. That will be another RMB 30.
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Historical Architecture
Lee Kok WengIt was late. We did not went inside. We hang out at the park outside. Nice place to take some photo. Bit noisy due do street hawkers blasting music to attract customers.