Les Baux-de-Provence
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Things To Do in Les Baux-de-Provence

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m35***24The Lebaud area is located in Provence, France, about 60 kilometers away from Aix-en-Provence. You must drive up by yourself, park in the middle of the mountain and walk up to this ancient stone-built city.
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Historical Site
01234567890liAvignon broken bridge by a famous song. In building the bridge span 900 meters, leading to the other side of the handsome king Philip castle, after the flooding of experienced several times of the rhone river, now only four and dedicated to building a bridge piers holy saint Nicholas chapel bernet jersey.
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01234567890liPalace stands in avignon southern town to the top of the ancient city of France, and teach the palace by the Pope Benedict xii and kerry vi ordered the construction, is one of the most magnificent castle in the middle ages. Since the 15th century until 1906. Teach the palace since the repair for many times, is the study of the 14th century architecture and painting rare treasure.
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01234567890liAvignon old teaching on the side of the palace Cathedrale Notre Dame des Doms, is the Notre Dame cathedral, is the biggest church in avignon, of primitive simplicity and elegant. Notre Dame cathedral is located in the next to the palace, the reconstruction in the middle of the twelfth century, avignon is one of the oldest religious architecture. Inside the church has a clock tower, a total of 35 minutes, is said to be the clock tower second resonant voice, France each clock has its own name, because the size is different, so the sound is also different.
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Historical Architecture
小思文It’s a very big old castle, and the geographical location here is quite big. The architectural environment of this place is also very popular. It needs a little distance to climb the mountain. The old castle is also a very important historical testimony. surroundings.
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Famous Residences
Memorial Hall
猫猫在旅行The Van Gogh Nursing Home is located in this very romantic town in southern France. After Van Gogh cut off his ears, he lived here for a while. His mental condition was very bad at that time. But the most brilliant creative period of his life was also spent here. In this nursing home, he completed nearly 300 paintings. The garden on the first floor of the nursing home is very beautiful. Especially in summer, it is full of flowers of various colors. Next to it is a shop selling souvenirs, you can buy Van Gogh-related surroundings.

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