Penghu Photos

About Penghu: Penghu is an outlying island archipelago of Taiwan and is composed of 64 small islands. A rendition of the song, “Grandmother's Penghu Bay”, carries the beauty of Penghu to the ends of the earth. This place has age-old historical cultural attractions and a heavenly natural landscape, with unsullied sandy beaches and clear ocean water. There is abundant and various marine life around Penghu, and it is an exceptional place to learn about natural ecology. In the season for bird migration, you can see the beautiful scene of gulls circling for food, making it an excellent spot for bird watching. You can go snorkeling or fishing, and can tour all the islands by boat. The cultural landscape is another outstanding feature of this place. The Anping Treehouse, an enormous banyan tree that has swallowed an old warehouse over the years, as well as the Tianhou Temple and other places give voice to every stage of the area’s history.
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