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National Park
Nambung National Park

Nambung National Park

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"National Park"
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"Perth | Mysterious Stonehenge on the surface of the extraterrestrial planet Have you ever heard of Lonely Planet? I'm not talking about the travel guide, but about the lonely city of Amber in Western Australia, which is alone on the coastline of Western Australia. The city's surrounding landscape is really like what a lonely planet should look like, desolate but magical, like Spike Stonehenge, an alien stone formation on the lonely planet: Spike Stonehenge, located in Nanbang Park northwest of Perth, about three hours' drive from downtown Perth. The spires of natural desert, but with limestone columns that look like a line of soldiers from a distance, are a cool, mysterious feel of the outer planet. Most of the columns are made of shells, and some are mineralized stumps. The land, which was originally a virgin forest, was buried in sandstone over time, mineralized trees then exposed to the ground, and finally, in the wind and sun, became a pillar. Who has been to Spire Stonehenge is one of the most famous attractions in Nanbang Park and Western Australia. Many stars have been here, including the song god Zhang Xueyou. As early as 1989, Zhang Xueyou directed the music film "My Day in Perth" to take a view at Stonehenge. Nearly in 2017, "Crayon Xiaoxin" also traveled to Perth. Xiaoxin is still here to find his favorite ass stone, it is as strange as ever. How to play the National Park where Slashstone is located is protected, can be said to be Perth around the star must see one of the sites. At night, the sky above the stone formations is starred, the whole stone formations of the atmosphere of the alien more obvious. To stargazing potato babies, you can also try light and shadow graffiti ~ travel tips: more free travel strategies of Australia and New Zealand & in-depth experience recommendation, all the same name in the whole platform [Mooker Travel] ~ Australia Travel WA WA Travel Perth Perth Travel Traveling Spire Stonehenge, star-watching location, Amway, practical guide, local people play, go to the weekend, don't stay at home, challenge the small long holiday how to play, holiday, you must experience Dalia Perth | Alone Star Stonehenge"