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WMKL (Guangzhou Tower) Wax Work MuseumNearby City

WMKL (Guangzhou Tower) Wax Work Museum

4.5/5138 Reviews
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Open from 10:00am-10:30pm (Local time)
"Location: The Wax Museum is adjacent to the Guangzhou Tower East Ticketing Hall. It is next to the entrance of the viewing platform. Suggested tour time: Take a look at it for 1 hour, check the wax figure introduction and concave shape and take pictures for at least 2 hours. Prevention and control measures are in place during the epidemic. Tourists Not much, don’t worry about too many relatives when taking pictures, you can take photos with various shapes and favorite wax figures! There are a lot of wax figures in the collection, covering historical celebrities and stars from all walks of life from ancient times to the present. Their appearance and posture are very realistic. They are better than many fake wax museums seen on the Internet, not a little bit, especially in Guangzhou. The personal feelings of the characters are outstanding, highlighting the characteristics of Guangzhou. At the same time, the eyes, age characteristics, and skin textures of the characters are all made meticulously. If you want to know the introduction of the characters, you can look at the touch screen next to it by yourself. There are also dedicated people who are ready to explain and guide at any time. The service is great. In addition to watching wax figures, there are also Cantonese opera costumes and phoenix crown xiamen for free borrowing. Put on the wax figures of famous Cantonese opera actors and the next to them; if you are tired, you can sit down and pay for the VR experience, as well as free You can play the gun shooting video game. The souvenir shop that will arrive at the end is quite priced and not expensive. You need to buy souvenirs and other suggestions."