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Shimei Bay’s Jiajing IslandNearby City

Shimei Bay’s Jiajing Island

4.5/5470 Reviews
Ranked #1 in Wanning Spectacular Underwater Scenery
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Domestic magical niche islands ~ Wanning Island in the Hainan Island Tour, must choose to go to the niche islands, Wanning trip is a good choice. In the summer, we still have to go to deep island tour, in order to reflect the true meaning of our coming to the island. Sunshine, beaches, sea, is the most popular island tour, but these are also sea projects and entertainment, as well as our experience in the high altitude and aerial photography is a good experience. This trip to Wanning, we decided that the place we had to be is the island. Wanning Travel, you still lack a travel guide, next this guide, let your travel say go. The most beautiful seashore highway: Sun Moon Bay~ Shimei Bay~ Nanyan Bay~ Shimei Bay. The observation deck~ Shenzhou Peninsula~ Dahuajiao~ Shanqin Bay traffic: we landed in Sanya or Haikou by plane and took the round-the-island ride. The high-speed rail to Shenzhou Station can choose to drive by yourself, and it is the most comfortable and comfortable. More can see the Wanning good scenery, let alone the seaside highway. Attractions: Dazhou Island Detail Address: The sea surface of the southeast of Wanning City, Hainan Province (self-driving recommended navigation) The best season: Fishing Boat The best season: March to November, to go to sea to know the weather in advance, if the wind and waves are big, it is impossible to go. Recommended reasons: 1, Ozhou Island is north and south, respectively, there is a 500-meter long sand beach connecting (with the seasons) 2, the island Shiqi sea beauty, not only can view the mountain stone, Bohai Lanxiu, but also can camp out diving, catch sea fishing. 3) The sea water around the island is clear. Generally, you can see 5-10 meters away, the seabed is colorful, very suitable for underwater hunting. And photography punching. 4, punching such a small island, you can avoid crowding. 5. You can pretend to be abroad and make your own beautiful big film, and the aerial photography is even more beautiful. You must bring an aerial camera, or you will really regret it. Jiajing Island is located in the east of Hainan Province, the east of the city of Wanning Xinglong overseas Chinese farm in the south of Shimei Bay, 12 kilometers away from the tourist city of Xinglong, the west and Hainan Island land opposite, the east is the vast Pacific Ocean. The whole island area is about 0.18 square kilometers, about 213 mu, the east of the island is a strange stone forest, the forest is lush, forming a stand, the waves are surrounded, unusually spectacular; On the west side of the island is a quiet sandy beach with fine white sand and powder. The sandy beach on the island will shift according to the seasons, so some people call it "spirit island" and "survival island". The sea water of Kaijima is clear and clear, and the sea water extends from the island coast to 100m, and the north coast and the west bank of the island are flat, and the sea shells of various types are seen on the shore, and the sea stars, sea cucumbers and living corals are seen everywhere. The south bank of the island is steep and zigzag, rocks are the best place to catch fish; wading up the coral reefs can pick up shellfish and catch crabs. The surrounding islands are distributed in rugged and varied coral reefs, a variety of aquatic organisms and colorful tropical fish, forming a spectacular underwater garden with a rudder that is a superb dive paradise. Recommended: Captain Ahku [view]"
Dazhou IslandNearby City

Dazhou Island

4.8/5148 Reviews
Ranked #3 in Wanning Spectacular Underwater Scenery
"🏖️ Jingjing is original ecology, undeveloped natural island 🏝️, "Wanning Island" is simply the best place for outdoor diving trips. If you also like island exploration, the island will be your second choice, avoid crowds 🌺, play is the original ecology, niche! 😍🎊 Attraction name: "Dazhou Island"🌎 Detail address: ⛴️ Seaway on the southeast sea surface of Wanning City, Hainan Province: Fishing boat speedboat or small yacht 🌞 Best season: March-November; you need to determine the weather and sea conditions in advance, if the wind and waves are big, you can't go. The reason for the recommendation: 1⃣️ This island is connected to the North Xiaoling and the South Daling respectively. (With the seasons) 2⃣️ This island is Shiqi Haimei, which can not only view the mountains and enjoy the stones, but also camp out to dive 🏊🏻‍♂️ and go fishing 🎣. 3⃣️ The sea water around the island is clear, and you can generally see it 5 to 10 meters underwater. The seabed is colorful and very suitable for underwater harvesting and photographic punching. 4⃣️Wanning Super Little Island 🏝️, avoid crowds crowding people 5⃣️ pretend to be abroad, shoot their own beautiful large film 🅰️ Day tour: follow the captain and the leader to go diving, do not diving on the island to take pictures, pick up shells, sea fishing. Beaches are a must-shoot, avoid crowds of beach, casual film is big. 🅱️ Two days and one night tour: If the time is not enough, you can camp on the beautiful island (eating, drinking and playing equipment provided by the captain) away from the noise of the city, and take a leisurely walk on the island 🚶🏻 Blowing the sea breeze to see the sea, it is so comfortable 💞 Fuxin Qunwan Island: At present, you can climb the island (super niche), the scenery is the most beautiful, the water quality is the clearest, there is no exciting entertainment, you can snorkel, fish, and go on your own."