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Mingyuedao ParkNearby City

Mingyuedao Park

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"City Park"
"Mingyue Island was originally called "Lishui Island." It is located in the middle reaches of Nenjiang River, 7 kilometers northwest of Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province. Jiangxin Island. It is reflected in the water of Nenjiang River in the same curved moon, so it is named "Mingyue Island." The island is about 4 kilometers east and west, about 3 kilometers north and south, and about 7 . 6 square kilometers. The natural environment is beautiful. The island topography is undulating, meadow, marsh, two small rivers and five islands lakes intersect, more than 500 species of plants and 150,000 trees covered with a continuous sand dune. Spring and summer season, the forest is lush, the grass is lush, riverside, kingfisher, lark, lark and other contests. The island was surrounded by blue waves and the water was wide and the sky was far away. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, there was a Dragon King Temple, and in 1925, the Wanshan Temple was built. People came here to worship the gods and pray for the good weather and rain. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, with the development of urban construction, in 1982, the island was officially opened as a scenic and tourist area with both natural landscape and classical architecture. The whole island was divided into forest area, garden plant area, garden production area, sports activity area and tourist area. In the center of the tourist area, repair a new four ancient buildings, darts, qiyu angang, a lot of northern national characteristics. The jade emperor, Taiping Venus, Tota Li Tianwang and other colored carvings, modality is different, the modelling lifelike. The beautifully designed four-corner, six-corner and eight-corner Qing-style pavilion has painted nine large and gorgeous murals for visitors to see. The island is built with the longest child railway in the country 4.5 kilometers, and the ride can see the whole island. [Cost-effective] [interest] [view]"