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Things To Do in Tongyeong-si

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大姐小露開心果Giant wind is bright and beautiful The vegetation on Zhixin Island is very rich In addition to the island flowers and camellia And bamboo forest Rhododendron And pine cypress tree...and other evergreen plants Around the restaurant and homestay area Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, garlic sprouts, peppers grown by residents There is also a lovely potted garden East and west ends of the island Each has an observation deck on the stone wall Tourists are welcome to come to see the sea Because there is no car driving The air must be fresh Birds cry and cicadas More greenery Check in before the love sculpture In a daze on the viewing platform Go through the Camellia Tunnel Then walked back to the pier bid farewell The beautiful and simple only heart island~
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Mel SimA must go if you are going to Busan. Really nice place to just walk. Cafes around the area so you can just sit down and chill. spring time or autumn is best so then the walk around would be a breeze. Cute little shops around so you need to look for them! Here's a picture i took back when i went to gamcheon village. 2 cute cats on one of the roof :)
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隨時出走The season is right and beautiful. Yu Zuochuan is as famous as the trail on both sides of the river. The construction is very clean. During the cherry blossom season, there is no traffic on the road and there are tents to eat. It is best to go up and down, and you can hardly feel the slope. There are different installations that are beautiful, suitable for clocking in and taking pictures. The buildings on both sides are also very distinctive. There are also many small coffee shops in the lanes and lanes. You can rest and use it when you are tired.
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dumplingI went to Zhenhai to see the cherry blossoms for two years. Last year, I went with the overnight bus tour and started to see it at 7 o'clock in the morning from Seoul in the middle of the night. This year, I took a bus from Busan. It just happened to be full and I saw wind and snow. Qinghe Station and Yu Zuochuan are not the best places to see the cherry blossoms at Zhenhai Sakura’s famous check-in points. Beauty is beautiful, but there are too many people. It depends on at least 8 o’clock in the morning. If you’re late, don’t crowd it. Because the most beautiful cherry blossoms are on the road. For example, a few streets next to Yu Zuochuan, or walking along the train track, you will find some unexpected surprises, and find a lot of sense of 5 cm per second lens. Zhenhai is a quiet town. If time permits, walk slowly and appreciate it, and you will see the most beautiful Zhenhai.
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City Park
E56***11I love this park. I enjoy climbing up to reach the top of the hill and see the magnificent view of the city and the bell, kwan yin temple, busan tower and many things more...
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Mel SimLovely place to chill at. Watch the seagulls, and get the nice seabreeze. Crowded during the summer times though!

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Chungnyeolsa TempleTongyeong-si,South Korea

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Skyline Luge TongyeongTongyeong-si,South Korea

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Jeonhyeoklim Art MuseumTongyeong-si,South Korea

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Tongyeong City MuseumTongyeong-si,South Korea

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