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Top 4 Museums & Galleries in Haikou - 2023

Discover the vibrant art, captivating exhibitions, rich cultural heritage, fascinating history, and must-see attractions of Haikou's museums and galleries. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and knowledge.
Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1
    259 Reviews
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    "a very spacious building, very visual and picturesque presentation of an ancient shipwreck, with a huge cinema screen to show some history. Pretty informative on the ethnic inhabitation and current state of things. These are pictures of the Li nation folk craft"
    4.1km from downtown
    Highlights: The Hainan Provincial Museum has 10 exhibition halls, 6 of which are the basic exhibitions of the museum, including: Intangible Cultural Heritage, Heavy Instrumental Light Exhibition, Hainan Historical Exhibition, Hainan Tibetan Cultural Relics, Hainan Minority Five Subjects, Hainan History, ethnic minority culture, South African material and cultural heritage, and Hainan cultural relics have been displayed in all directions.
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  • No.2
    293 Reviews
    "OMG! It was such a beautiful museum! It should be much better advertised! We loved every part of it! Very creative, big enough to spend and hour or so. It was fun not only for kids but also us adults."
    12.7km from downtown
    Highlights: The Haikou Teddy Bear Museum is part of the brand-new Centreville outdoor mall near Haikou, As its name implies, it's a museum...of teddy bears! The museum has 7 main areas, including the "One Belt, One Road Theme Exhibit", the Teddy Bear History Exhibit, the LV Teddy Bear Holographic image 3D Pavilion, etc. The museum displays how teddy bears and films have developed over time and also incorporates the characteristics of Mission Hills and local elements of Hainan.
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  • No.3
    64 Reviews
    "I enjoyed this small place were we came to learn a lot about the culture from the Island. It’s 3 AAA place so don’t miss this place !"
    1.5km from downtown
    Highlights: Haikou Nanyang Arcade Old Street Style and Feature Exhibition Hall is located on Zhongshan Road, which comprehensively displays the humanistic style of Haikou. The sand table model in the pavilion reproduces the old city style of Haikou based on the old maps from the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, which is exquisite and spectacular. There are also many ancient objects with old street symbols, such as palace lanterns, marriage books, etc., everywhere in the exhibition hall. The exhibition pictures on the wall silently tell the history of the arcade old street. Come here, you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the century-old history of Arcade Old Street and feel the folk customs of Haikou.
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  • No.4
    83 Reviews
    "Haikou Museum, also known as the Wugong Temple Exhibition Hall, is a medium-sized and elegant three-story antique building. The museum has a total construction area of 4,200 square meters. The museum is surrounded by coconut trees and lush trees. There are eight exhibition halls, the second and third floors of the center show the life of celebrities in Hainan and some art photography works, etc., adding style to the "flowing sea humanities" coconut trees, pine cypress, green bamboo four seasons evergreen."
    3.2km from downtown
    Highlights: The Haikou Museum is also known as the “Five Public Exhibition Hall”, which faces the Wugong Bridge. It is a large-scale antique building with an elegant style and unique design. There are eight exhibition halls in the pavilion. The second and third floors of the center showcase the life stories of famous celebrities in Hainan and some artistic photographs, which add to the style of “Floating the Sea and Humanities”.
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What are some Museums & Galleries in Haikou?
Some Museums & Galleries in Haikou include:Hainan Provincial Museum|Teddy Bear Museum|Haikou Nanyang Arcade House Old Street Culture Exhibition Hall|Haikou Museum
What are some highly-rated Museums & Galleries in Haikou?
Some highly-rated Museums & Galleries in Haikou include:Hainan Provincial Museum:4.5|Teddy Bear Museum:4.2|Haikou Nanyang Arcade House Old Street Culture Exhibition Hall:4.6|Haikou Museum:4.1
At what locations in Haikou can Museums & Galleries in Haikou be found?
The Museums & Galleries in Haikou are mainly located in:Hainan Provincial Museum:Haikou|Teddy Bear Museum:Haikou|Haikou Nanyang Arcade House Old Street Culture Exhibition Hall:Haikou|Haikou Museum:Haikou