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Popular Attractions in Dabu

Baihou Ancient Town
20 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Baihou Ancient Town is split into five themed areas, such as "Hundred Hou Hou Impression", "Training the Family", "Guxiang Fengyun", "Old Market Dream" and "Houbei People's Home". Relying on the deep historical and cultural heritage and the well-kept Guanting ancient buildings, the lineup of local cultural expo and beautiful natural ecological resources serve as carriers to demonstrate the living conditions of the millennial Hakka town. They made a cultural tourism zone in the old town of Hakka, merging ancient town sightseeing, historical exploration, cultural leisure, science and education entertainment, and folk experience.
Tai'an Building
23 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Tai'an Building is located in Longgang Village, Huliao Town, Dabu County, Meizhou City. It is a rare stone square building in China. Tai'an Building is made of masonry stones and is square, with wide gates and ponds at the entrance. Around the scenic area there is a large-scale protected park, which is divided into two parts: a land area and a water area. There are also many functional areas such as drum towers and archways. The scenic views in the park have integrated Dabu's “four township” and “four renown” special features. It is a great place for leisure and holidays.
Pingshan Terraced Tourist Area
26 Reviews
Terraced Field
Pingshan Terraced Tourist Area is located in Pingshan Village, Dadong Town, Dapu County, Meizhou City. It is located at the junction of four counties of Fujian and Guangdong. It is a tourist scenic spot that integrates the view of terraced landscape, drinking magical spring water, former residence of the generals, and tourist attractions. Pingshan Village has profound historical and cultural heritage, rich human resources, numerous cultural relics and historic sites, and beautiful natural ecology. The Pingshan terraces are stacked along the hillsides from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. From then on, the mountains are connected to the mountains. There are dozens of grades, more than a thousand grades, and different forms.
Sanhe Ba Battle Memorial Hall
12 Reviews
Memorial Hall

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Trip Moments

Come to Beitang Village, don't be surprised by its beautiful rural environment, let's take a look at this hotel! Meilong Expressway Taipu Chayang exit, just turn left for only ten minutes, then come to the Beitang Art Museum in Xihe Town, which is famous in the art world. The art and beauty of this hotel is located in the beautiful art hotel. As a rare form of art and homestay in China, the word "elegant" is used to describe the beauty of the beauty, just right. The B&B is uniquely endowed with its theme art gallery, which has been transformed from a hundred-year-old Yutang small building, retaining the authenticity of the old building, blending the ancient charm of the ancient architecture, and complementing the famous paintings and works of art. A refreshing look brings a completely different feeling to the guests. The first floor art gallery hall is full of famous paintings. The lighting glass above the patio makes the hall more spacious and bright. It is not only a good place for private relaxation, but also can hold art exhibitions, academic research, entertainment programs, etc. Various activities, there have been many Chinese and foreign scholars, famous people come to the pavilion to collect the wind, creation, but also held many famous art exhibitions, as well as summer camps for children, parent-child activities. The stones, green plants, vases, wooden benches, etc. in the corners of the inside and outside of the hotel are naturally exquisite, but they are not overwhelming, but there is a fresh beauty that makes your mood light and happy. The old windmills underneath still stand quietly, like the bricks with moss, they let you look at the peace of mind, do not have to look around for the soul.
Posted: 23 Dec 2018
This Pingshan thousand-acre terrace can be said to be a popular attraction in Meizhou. Compared with the terraces in Yunnan, it has a little more literary flavor. When you come here, you will see the green of the mountains and the mountains. The rich natural resources and rich cultural heritage have made Pingshan a place that has become a paradise for people. The entire 1,000-acre terraced landscape has been in development for more than 400 years, and the slopes are mostly 25 to 65 degrees. The layers are layered together to form a natural step. When you walk into the terraces, you will find terraces. From a different perspective, there will be many chic landscapes. Seen from the distance from the terraced fields, the distance is the yellow-green plants in the mountains and the mountains, and the whole village with only trees is full of vitality. In the vicinity, you will see the rice growing in the terraces, a cluster of clusters, and among these yellow-green rice fields, there are some wildflowers on the hills, so that the original majestic thousand acres of terraces suddenly I have become a lot of jade. When you stand at the highest point of the terraced field, you can see that the entire thousand acres of terraced fields are covered by you. The villages under the mountain can be covered by one hand, and the hardworking farmers are also changing. It is as small as an ant, and the rice that was originally visible can already be integrated into the green of this terrace. Although all things have become small, the momentum of thousands of acres of terraced fields has not been weakened at all, and it is still magnificent and magnificent.
Posted: 3 Jan 2019
Baihou Ancient Town in Dapu, Meizhou, Guangdong Province is a beautiful ancient town with hidden stories. The buildings in the ancient town combine Hakka, Western and other architectural styles. The architectural style of Jiangnan Huipai can be seen in the details of some thresholds. Baihou Ancient Town is one of the most ancient towns in Lingdong, and even the whole of Guangdong. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were 5 Hanlin, 23 Jinshi and 134 Wenwu. "The same hall seven Kui", "the same list of three Jinshi", "one belly three Hanlin" is a legendary story. Baihou Ancient Town was born to the sea in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. This is the reason why a large number of Chinese and Western architectures coexist harmoniously in the ancient town. The merchant who sent the goods, the first thing to do when returning to his hometown is to build a road and build a large mansion. Hakkas are mostly immigrants from the Central Plains. The ancient style still exists, and the architectural style of the courtyard is mostly elegant. From the carvings of the windows, screens and beams, you can see the elegance of the host family. The carvings on the roof are vivid and amazing! Baihou Ancient Town is a relatively complete building with Haiyuan Building, Zhaoqing Hall and Qinanxuan. Each building has a different style. The ancient ancestral hall, the mottled old wall, the western-style arcade, the exquisite wood carvings, the wall decorations... Each building has souls, and each building is leisurely telling the past. Baihou Ancient Town is one of the roots of Hakka culture. From Tangshan to Nanyang, the story has continued!
Posted: 22 Dec 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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