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JOJO’s wonderful trip
This best-selling book "Mysterious 30 degrees north latitude" once said that near 30 degrees north latitude is the most mysterious area on the earth, the ancient and mysterious Egyptian pyramids, the snow-capped peaks of Mount Everest, and the unpredictable Bermuda triangle. The faint glimpse of the golden dome Buddha light, all gathered in this wonderful place, and Danba is also near 30 degrees north latitude. This land hides the mysterious beauty, the magnificent and powerful Tibetan bunker, the mysterious Tibetan Mt. Mount Merdo, the deep and tranquil virgin forest, the beautiful valley of beautiful women, and the colorful ethnic minority. Style.
Jiaju Tibetan Village is like a group of stars scattered on the slope of the mountain
Posted: 4 Dec 2018
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I have seen the snow-capped mountains and continue to the direction of Danba. The road passes through the Yak River Valley. In fact, the scenery is beautiful, the plant resources are abundant, the original forests cover the sky, and there are many peaks and stones. Many sea stars are scattered in the valley. . Yi Niu Valley twists and turns to the west, or goes straight, rushing to the rapids; or being blocked by the brave, whirlpools; or dissolved, leisurely and leisurely. The otter rock, rattles like a slap, creaking, unvoiced and round, smells cool. This suspension bridge goes up, you can't look down. If you look at it, the head will be dizzy. We all went up to test it, because the water is quite urgent. Looking from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, the mountains are smashing, and the fog rises like clouds. It is like a fairyland. All the way to the winding road, I finally arrived in Danba before dark. In order to have a better experience the next morning, the driver and the housekeeper gave us the accommodation not in the town of Danba, but directly went to the Jiaju Zangzhai, the bed and breakfast is Tibetan style. Clean and hygienic, because the first floor was cold at night, our three rooms were fixed on the second floor, and the boss gave us a bed quilt. I heard that there are roast chickens for dinner, and the big guys are looking forward to it. This is not, the yard has been baked, because everyone is hungry, smelling can't wait to eat, the inn's three-story platform has a good view, watching the sky is getting dark, everyone is ready to eat well at night, The next morning, I went to the viewing platform.
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