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Jiezi Ancient TownNearby City

Jiezi Ancient Town

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"Ancient Settlement"
"Jiezi Ancient Town is one of the three ancient towns in Chongzhou City. Its characteristic is that it is surrounded by mountains and rivers. It focuses on health and tourism culture. The history of the town is still relatively long-term technology, which can be traced back to more than 1,000 years ago. The tourism industry in the town has a long history, but the commercialization has been gradually developed in recent years. The biggest feature of the town is its beautiful scenery. In fact, Gujiangcheng Street in the ancient town is the earliest ancient street in the ancient town. Other neighborhoods have gradually integrated into the entire scenic spot along with tourism development in recent years. To play in the ancient town, you don't need any tickets, except of course an artificially built Weijiang scenic spot. The first place to visit in the ancient town is Ginkgo Square, which is also the location of Kuta, the landmark of Jiezi Ancient Town. Secondly, you can go for a walk along the Weijiang River, and walk up the Weijiang River until you reach the Yulong Cable Bridge, which is another landmark in the ancient town. Going up, you can reach another unique attraction, which is the location of Kangdao. Friends who like fitness and leisure must not miss it. This Kangdao goes up the Weijiang brook, about 6 kilometers to Fengxi Mountain. At the foot of Guangyan Temple, it is said that Guangyan Temple was built in the Sui Dynasty and has a history of thousands of years. The ancient temple was built in the original ecological mountains and forests of Fengxi Mountain. Quiet, quiet and elegant is really a secret world. Friends who like quiet and respect Missed, this is one of the few Buddhist monasteries that has not yet been commercialized. It is recommended to visit the ancient town for one to two days. Just to calm down, three or five friends find a homestay in the small town, go around the small town, eat delicious food, and then take the Kangdao exercise and exercise. It is really a very pleasant thing."
Pingle Ancient TownNearby City

Pingle Ancient Town

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"Ancient Settlement"
"Pingle ancient town is located 93 kilometers southwest of Chengdu and 18 kilometers southwest of Handan City, which is a famous historical and cultural town in China. Pingle ancient town is known as "one Ping, two Gu, three Jiaguan", which originated from the Baimo River of Yuxiaofeng in Tiantai Mountain, which flows through the ancient town from west to north. The ancient town of Pingle old maple tree, the Baimo River, along the river built hanging feet, the streets of the green stone, the endless bamboo sea has together cultivated the ancient town people idyllic landscape feelings, and the culture of Pingle ancient town natural fresh local culture. The ancient town of Pingle was formed in the Western Han Dynasty in 150 B.C., and has been around for over 2,000 years. It was the place of Huojing County in 970 B.C. The famous "Nine-Gu" style, carrying the endless pingle road, the endless cultural charm of the ancient street, ancient temples, ancient bridges, ancient trees, ancient kilns, ancient squares, ancient roads, ancient winds, ancient songs... the "outside of town" of pingle ancient town is more breathtaking: Lugou natural scenic spot, Jinhua Mountain Scenic Area, Jinjigou Scenic Area, Huayu Mountain Scenic Area and the ancient Qindhan filial road Scenic Area, none of which is not a classic of human civilization. The ancient town is known for its "Qin and Han culture. Western Sichuan water town" style, and it is also "the first town of tea horse ancient road and the important post-stamp of the South Silk Road". Step into the ancient town, foot on the stone road, the street on both sides of the houses are mostly the first floor of the wood structure, the lower floor do the pavement, the upper floor do the bedroom, is the rich western Sichuan style is right."