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Things To Do in Daxin

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E27***44amazing waterfall and park! we went early in the morning and avoided crowds. very enjoyable walk and scenery . high recommended!
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E35***53A nondescript building but my room was fine - comfortable, working hot shower, clean linens and towels. Moreover, guests despite staying in this budget hotel have free entry to the Resort/Park Scenic Zone and great breakfast at the big restaurant. The check-in is at the next door Art Hotel - all belonging to the same group.
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M45***18It was a light rain on the way this morning. The rain in the scenic spot has just stopped. First, I did the temperature test. The scan code was very fast and the service was good. The most shocking thing is that it is 30 degrees outside. After entering the ice cave, it is a "sweet". The ice sculpture is also very delicate. At the door of my home, I can see the North Kingdom Ice and Snow, and there are small slides. I am also very happy to watch the children play. Fortunately, it is not crowded. The other Longgong cave in the scenic area is a typical karst topography and is very special. It is a very good journey experience. Recommended to experience the surroundings.
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濛妈Mingyu idyllic scenery, the area of 20 kilometers of scenic spot clear water show, mountains around the water, known as small Guilin. Here the bamboo around the shore, farmhouse decoration, the wooden bridge across, rice ears, farmers, children, the scenery of the idyllic, rich in the south of the country. Because "flower bones" in this view-finding and the pursuit, here will forget the time, as if into the no one's land.
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M23***03Heishui River is located on the side of 316 provincial road in Daxin County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi. It is 170 kilometers from Nanning. Heishui River is long 45.5 kilometers in Daxin County, and is called Heishui River because the water is clear and deep blue.
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耶路撒冷的牛牛This scenic spot is actually in Daxin County, the natural landscape near here is really also can, compared to other places in Guangxi, this side is more steep mountains, so the scenic area is basically mountain village style.