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Botanical Garden
Observation Deck
XY_ShirleyThe old town of Nice is about half an hour’s drive and you will reach the small town of Eze. Go up the town. The hilltop botanical garden is the highest point of the small town of Eze. The town of Eze is free to visit. The botanical garden requires a ticket for 6 euros each People, it’s just worth seeing, because at the top of the mountain you can overlook the Mediterranean Sea, which is very beautiful.
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01234567890liBetween Monaco and nice ades, for on the wall like the eagle nest building mode, thus is called "nest perched village", city was built in 550 BC, is the oldest beautiful blue coast one of a mountain city. In this small mountain city with a history of two thousand five hundred, the bearing capacity of many wonderful story: guarding the treasure gold goat legend of the city, and this inspiration and leave here Nietzsche, Sweden prince luxurious palace, movie master Hitchcock film "to catch a thief" attractions, Monaco before the king and grace kelly fairytale love story it is said that it was also in here.
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Ancient Trail
乖小咪Eze is a thousand-year-old town in France. Most of the houses here are hundreds of years old. A stone path goes through these ancient buildings. It is called the Nietzsche path up and down. It is also a place where many painters sketch and paint. Because it is so beautiful, walking on the road seems to be a kind of time travel, which is a continuation of reverie.
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吃喝玩乐好开心The Bellagio Ballagio 鎭 by the water of the mountain. This reminds me of Jiufen in Taiwan. Many business hotels are built on stone paths. You need to bring your own porter to live in. Seeing the lake-view bedroom, the journey was exhausted. Someone introduced a restaurant on the top of the mountain, who knew that Panshan Road would take an hour and a half, so I had to ask the restaurant to send a car to pick it up! The view from the top of the mountain was unobstructed, but it was a pity that the local dinner didn't start until 7 o'clock. By the time it was getting late, the camera did not bring [sad]. The dining is simple and homely but very delicious.
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MapleEze Flora Perfume is at the entrance of Eze Town, you will not miss this perfume shop. The low-key and simple door face will not tell you that this is a perfume factory brand with a long history in South France, so much so in France. Fragonard, Molinard and Galimard are the three well-known French perfume factories in South France. The most famous and best done is Fragonard. It is the world's first perfume factory, and there are still many first-line perfume brands commissioned to make perfumes here. Eze is just one of many branches. Because of the heat of Eze town, it is also one of the most accessible and most convenient brand stores. The fragrance products of Hua Gongna are divided into perfume-flavor-fragrance-soap, each series has multiple flavors. It also derives products that are used daily, such as household fragrances, body lotions, and shower gels. When you first arrive, you may feel a little dazzled. Simply put, the counter display is divided by series, you can lock the fragrance first, and then choose the specific product to buy. Here you can swipe your credit card for a one-time purchase of 200 euros, as well as gifts. You can also participate in the tax refund.
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Jardin Exotique d'EzeAlpes-Maritimes,France

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Nietzsche PathAlpes-Maritimes,France

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Eze VillageAlpes-Maritimes,France

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