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Famous Residences
Memorial Hall
M25***40M25***40Composed of two parts, the memorial hall and the former residence, it is two independent buildings. Tickets are two prices, the cheap ones can only visit the memorial hall, and you have to pay to visit the former residence. The majority of tourists are Chinese, which is an idea of the past years.
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Outdoor skiing
吾是土豆泥吾是土豆泥To come to Canada in winter 🇨🇦, of course, you must experience Canada’s national sports skiing⛷️. Blue Mountain Resort is a small town surrounding the Blue Mountain Ski Resort. There are various restaurants and hotels for tourists to ski and rest. The Blue Mountain Ski Resort is located in the small town of Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. It is located on the shore of Lake Huron, one of the five largest lakes in North America. On a sunny day, you can see the lake from the top of the Blue Mountain. If you drive from Toronto, it will take about 2 hours. As the largest alpine ski resort in Ontario, it has a total area of 251 acres and an average annual snowfall of 110 inches. There are more than 40 trails with varying degrees of difficulty. If you have no skiing experience, you only need to ski in the left and right 2 green areas for the first time. Just start learning. The green area on the left has kids at blue, which are specially suitable for all kinds of children's learning courses, and the green area on the right is a newbie suitable for adult learning. We chose the B&B next to the Blue Mountain Ski Resort. It only takes about 10 minutes to walk to the ski resort. During the two days of skiing, basically all meals are eaten at the restaurant in the ski resort, where burgers, hot dogs, and fried chicken are alternated. The two days we were in the Blue Mountains were snowy and sunny, and the temperature rose to around 0 degrees. There was no wind and there was no need to wear goggles 🥽. It happened to be a working day when I came, there were so few people, and the next day it felt like a charter. I spent almost a whole day with my baby on the first day, and it took me almost 2 whole days to study newbie seriously to graduate from step5🎓. After mastering the posture, skiing is really a super cool sport. I hope that I will have another chance to go to the Blue Mountains next time. I can stand on the top of the mountain and overlook Lake Huron below like a friend, and descend all the way from the top of the mountain ⛷️.
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Featured Neighborhood
M25***40M25***40This street is very attractive to me. This is indeed a tourist attraction, there are many restaurants and bars, as well as many cafes and shopping shops. The streets are usually crowded. One of the biggest tourist attractions on this street is the Eaton Center, a large indoor shopping mall. This street seems to be an attraction and activity center in itself.
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Theme Park
六朝一半老儿六朝一半老儿Toronto Wonderland is a large amusement park, and it is a theme park dominated by roller coasters. There are all kinds of roller coasters. It is said to be the largest roller coaster theme park in North America. It was wrong when we went, the winter park is closed, and you can only look at it at the door, it feels very spectacular.
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Ancient Settlement
北美东东北美东东Wanjin is one of the few traditional Canadian-style towns that have been built for centuries, and that have been built for centuries, and that have been built for centuries, and have been built for centuries, and have been built for centuries, and have been built for centuries, and have been built for centuries, and have been built for centuries, and have been built for centuries, and have been built
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六朝一半老儿六朝一半老儿There are more than 5,000 animals in the Toronto Zoo, which is Canada's first-class zoo. It's very big inside, and there are paid transportation vehicles. I traveled inside for more than 4 hours. The zoo is arranged according to each state, and basically there are representative animals in each state. There is also a special panda house. Worth a visit Opening hours: 9:00-19:00 every day in summer; 9:00-18:00 every day in spring and autumn; 9:30-16:30 in winter. One hour before closing is the last entry time. Cost: Admission fee is 19 Canadian dollars (15 US dollars) for adults, 13 Canadian dollars for students, 11 Canadian dollars (8.80 US dollars) for children 4-12 years old, free for children under 3 years old.

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