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118***95Although the ancient village of Qianhua belongs to Zhenjiang Jurong, but it is closer to Nanjing. As a place for a day trip, there are mountains, water and villages, there are historical humanities and large scales, it is well worth a parent-child trip or a couple to travel. Although there was an outbreak, some shops were closed, but the rest of the scale is still not small. Worth a visit.
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Ancient Villages
绝望虾米It is really a wonderful experience, if possible, I will come back again and ask more friends come with me. Thanks a lot
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爱丁堡多琳From the junrong Maoshan hiking up the mountain, Chong Tong Palace modern atmosphere is thick, staff is also, do not recommend to go. Yuanfu Palace gods are more rich, the most important is Laozi, the palm of the heart of the sure has a large horse honeycomb. There are also famous people "to visit" the Danqing murals look very interesting. Here, I drew a sign (that is, I didn't shake it out like in the TV. One master unlocked the sign and released it by another master). After coming out of the palace, the Yuan Fu Palace, in the hot sun, walked along the road for nearly an hour before reaching the palace, visited and went to eat a bowl of dough noodles. After a short nap in the cafeteria, he took the ropeway down. A ropeway down went straight to the Maoshan area of Jintan, the Taoist master came to talk, I said, where am I? Master is not a bit implicit, directly said my face can be expected to continue to answer questions for me, quickly declined. From the sentence Rong to the Jintan, originally bought the Zhenjiang station had to retreat to Changzhou station, also counts as a beginning and end, from where to where to go.
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Flower Fields
M41***28Suitable for taking children to go to places, catch piggy riding horses, feed pigeons, karts, basically children like, and do not queue long, the staff is very patient service attitude, especially for children, this is very good 👍 family travel with tents, eat more. This is better than other areas at any time to stop and rest, unlike many scenic spots do not give you a rest, hurry you to go. Overall, the price/performance ratio is still very high! The surprise is to meet a beautiful stream, the children are very happy to play with the water. Great value for money, great overall, fun and fun,
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钱旋勒Ryusho Temple, formerly known as Qianhua Temple, is the ancestor of the Buddhist Ritsu sect known as the First Mountain of the Ritsu sect. Since the founding of Baozhi Temple, the key temples in the Han area have been more than 1500 years. According to "Hokazan Shi" (the history of Hokazan), it is said that hoka Ritsu sect was the highest person of the four hundred eighty great bonsai. The court has given a period of more than 70, the whole country monks and nuns here to receive the precepts, as authentic.

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Wawu Mountain VillaZhenjiang,China

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Yanteng FarmZhenjiang,China

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Longchang TempleZhenjiang,China

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New Fourth Army Memorial HallZhenjiang,China

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Mao MountainZhenjiang,China

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Jurong Travel Tips

About Jurong

Jurong City is located in the southern part of Jiangsu Province, closely adjacent to Nanjing It is the southeast gateway of Nanjing. Jurong has a history of two thousand years. The southeastern part of the city is home to the famous Taoist holy land of Maoshan Mountain. In the northwest of the city, visitors will find the Chinese Buddhist holy place Baohua Mountain. In addition to religious landscapes, there are also scenic spots such as the Southern Dynasties Bixie Stone Carvings and the Chishan Lake National Wetland Park.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Jurong
16 Oct, 2021 Jurong Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 67%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:07/17:31
Jurong Travel: Use Caution, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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