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Things To Do in Laiyuan

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Geological Sites
左岸生活Sighed at the clouds in Baishi Mountain, I experienced the feeling of climbing in the rain again on the mountain. Because I am afraid to miss the cable car, I had to hurry down the mountain, and I found that the mountain is completely two weathers. The donkey friends who are going to climb the mountain in the rain must prepare more clothes. But must experience the cloud sea of the white stone mountain after the rain, that kind of scenery speaks for itself.
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世界美食游走达人This waterfall canyon is still very special, I heard that its source is 1400 meters above sea level, and there are springs running down the river all year round. It still feels spectacular.
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M24***13We drove up by ourselves. There is a big stone brand under the scenic spot. I am very recognized. Not bad in the scenic spot, but the price of eating is also very low. We asked for two 18 self-help, one full bubble noodle tube, bubble noodles are only 6 fast, went to so many places, this meal is really cheap! It's nice and natural, there are mountains and water, there's a big waterfall, it's really good.
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Historical Architecture
威风蝈蝈This Wenshu Hall is a building of Liao Dynasty, following the style of Tang and Song dynasties, the quaint atmosphere, Xie Peak is wing shape, although only three, the immersion is still shocked, this is the charm of ancient architecture, next to a contemporary iron bell, like the ancient architecture by the way of Wuyuan can not be missed.
Nearby City
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红糖泡泡Yishui Lake is located 25 kilometers southwest of Yixian County, 150 kilometers from Beijing, 80 kilometers from Xiong'an New District, connected with "Rejecting Horse Bentao", "Yishui cold current", "Langshan Jingxiu" in the south, "Yunmeng Diecui" in the north. The water area is about 27 square kilometers, the capacity is 3.9 billion cubic meters, the deepest reaches 48.5 meters, the water quality meets the national secondary drinking water standards. Yishui Lake, the mountains are unpredictably steep, the air is clean and dustless, and the trees are prosperous.
Nearby City
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睡恣@M丶A city with a glorious revolutionary tradition, in this hot soil, red culture is shining! Qingming remembers, remembers the pioneers. "Tanyan Mountain, tanyi water cold, heroes five strong men, Mt. Megawoya ..." Baoding Yi County, Langya Mountain, pine and cypress stand up, lush, against the Langya Mountain Five Warriors Memorial Pagoda more solemn and solemn.