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Things To Do in Laiyuan

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Geological Sites
320***45When you go to the National Day, the scenic area needs to take the cable car or bus to the mountain. The scenic area is relatively large. It needs to arrange the route reasonably according to your own situation. The natural scenery is too beautiful, especially the sea of clouds. The risks of the scenic spot can be comparable to Huashan, and there are strange geology and landforms in Zhangjiajie.
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世界美食游走达人This waterfall canyon is still very special, I heard that its source is 1400 meters above sea level, and there are springs running down the river all year round. It still feels spectacular.
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beebirdThe scenery is extremely beautiful, wild and interesting, and it makes you forget to return, especially the five steps to the sky. There are lumps and iron chains hanging down. You need to grasp it with your hands. If you are not careful, you have to fall off. It is really difficult to climb. Work hard, and finally climbed to the highest peak. When climbing the mountain, we passed a lot of warning signs, which said that the elderly and children don’t go up, for fear of not being able to climb. There is also a bell ringing. 6 people take turns to ring it. The last one I struck, I held the hammer with my hand and pushed it hard, and I heard the sound of the bell.
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Glass Skywalk
yr3***11There are two Baishishan Glass Road, one is Shuangxiong Glass Road and one is Feihuxia Road. During the May Day period, there are especially many people, and there are traffic jams on the high speed. It is blocked here. It is difficult to walk.
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Historical Architecture
威风蝈蝈This Wenshu Hall is a building of Liao Dynasty, following the style of Tang and Song dynasties, the quaint atmosphere, Xie Peak is wing shape, although only three, the immersion is still shocked, this is the charm of ancient architecture, next to a contemporary iron bell, like the ancient architecture by the way of Wuyuan can not be missed.
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Rock Monument

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Shipu CanyonBaoding,China

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Laiyuan Travel Tips

About Laiyuan

Laiyuan County is situated to the northwest of Baoding in Hebei province. It is famous for its mountainous scenery, cool summer climate and natural mineral springs. The area has been designated as an important tourist destination by the provincial government.

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Laiyuan Weather

26 Oct, 2021
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27 Oct, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Laiyuan
26 Oct, 2021 Laiyuan Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 24%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:42/17:28
Laiyuan Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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