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Things To Do in Lanxi

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望京小筑Zhuge hachiman village is a village located 18km west of Lanxi City, Jinhua City, and is the only place where the national route 330 passes through the village. Zhuge Bagua Village is the largest settlement of the descendants of Zhuge Liang found so far. The architectural pattern of the village is arranged according to the "eight array map" pattern, and a large number of ancient dwellings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties are the only ancient cultural village in China, which is unparalleled in the world. North latitude 29.5, East Sutra 119.2. The village is low in the middle, and the surrounding area is gradually high, forming a pond. The pond is the core of Zhuge Bagua Village, and is the basis point of the "eight map".
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M57***96The scenery is good, inside the mountain. At first, you need to take a 6-8 person electric boat to enter, about 800 meters, the waterway is narrow, if the two boats meet, it will be squatted. If you wear someone to change, the bed will be tilted more exciting, so this is more characteristic, quite fun. If it is a small child, there are still steps inside, you need to go up and down about 2 kilometers, which is more tired and some places are shaking. The elderly and children still need to pay attention to safety. After going to the top of the mountain, there is a slide for a long way. It is still fun to slide down for 45 yuan per person. You can play it. Of course, you can walk down the mountain directly.
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JCNAmazing experience being deep down in the caves. Its beautiful and lots of spots to take nice photos
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天樾龙门Orchid Lake is a newly developed tourist resort with a large scale, many attractions, and good scenery in all seasons. You can enjoy a full day of fun! Very suitable for group travel and amusement competition activities!
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roiberadori would say it was amazing and eventhough they were still renovating or fixing their cable car, the way going up was not as bad as the other mountains that i climbed. i would say, half day is enough to go around the place. Walking going up should be around an hour or a slow walking going up should not be more than 2 hours. if there is a cable car it should be around 2-3 hours to go around the place. The place has a lot of amazing views and i know family and friends would really enjoy going there. I even saw small kids going up and also old people.
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Tammy&JWonderful nature. We used Didi to get to the locations. I can recommend:Tianjire Qiqiu club where you can try hot air ballon or paragliding. You can buy tickets there. Qindao Lake Yujie where you can try a special fish and walk. Lots of restaurants.You can go to the docks and take the boat to visit some od the islands. We got the boat for Tianchi island connected with a Bird island and we visited Meifeng island. The ticket is 200RMB per person.On Meifeng island you will stay for one hour. Enough to go up by the cable car, see the view and walk down. Cable car is 50RMB for a round trip and 30 for one way.People are friendly and helpful.Have a nice time!