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Things To Do in Marseille

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Historical Architecture
01234567890liMarseille cathedral (Cathedrale Sainte Marie - Majeure DE Marseille) is a Roman Catholic cathedral, historical sites, France in 1896 as temple. Church built in 1852 to 1852, the Byzantine - Roman type style. The bulk of the old cathedral (Vieille Major) has been removed, the rest of the stand on the side, compared with the new cathedral, in the shade.
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Historical Site
Military Site
阿木阿土Visiting the style of Marseille, one of the most worth visiting is the Basilica of Our Lady on the high ground in the city, and the other is the Fortress of St. John. The fortress was built in the time of Louis XIV, guarding the key point of the old port of Marseille leading to the Mediterranean. Climbing up the castle, you can not only enjoy the blue sky and blue sea of the Mediterranean Sea, but also overlook the charming harbor style of the old port of Marseille. The castle is connected to the Mediterranean Civilization Museum by an iron bridge in the sky. Classical and modern are organically combined, providing a good visual experience. The castle is free to visit, but there is a charge for museum visits.
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Historical Site
袔樂You must not miss the Ive Island for your holiday in Marseille, France. You can go to the pier and buy the ticket for the time you are going. The pier indicators are also more obvious. It's okay if you can't speak French. It's okay to watch the place where people line up. Price: I remember buying the round trip ticket as a dozen euros. Because there were friends in Marseille school so I went to play for a few days, and it was fascinating to get used to life in the North France. Sunshine, islands, sunset at nine o'clock. . . Everything was so fascinating. . . ...the people of southern France, who are so lovely because of the water and soil. The yacht used to be quite fun, relatively bumpy, but also can see many kinds of water sports players on the sea, but I didn't expect that when I returned to the main island of Marseille, I was seasick, and I vomited after eating with friends on the side of the road. . But the passers-by in Marseille are very kind ...Help me send a tissue and water to ask my friend I am still OK...Although I am not well by car, I feel the enthusiasm of the people of South France and recommend everyone to come to Marseille.
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Historical Architecture
享旅世界Located in the St. Charles area, Marseille train station is not large in appearance, because it is built on a high slope, from the train station to the subway platform need to take two walk elevators, one of a long. The facilities in the station has been modern, you live and service functions. The train is connected to the terminal station, and each platform is arranged in a row, and the transfer does not take the tunnel.
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_We***24More than 2600 years ago, Greeks on a long voyage found a seaport on the French coast today, the East Seaport of Rashi, which was the earliest source of the second largest city and the largest seaport in France.
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阿木阿土A typical Gothic church building, two towering minarets are extremely eye-catching, very impressive against the blue sky. The church’s bronze one-person door and stained glass are very distinctive. The church is located in an important traffic road. There is a track motor coming and going in front of the church. There is also a public meeting square.