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M43***55It was still raining when we left in the morning. I didn't expect to stop at Yanv Lake at noon. I stopped and took a few photos. I continued to rush to the scenic spot. I saw the scenery on the ropeway. Bashi was miserable. It is said that the winter is more beautiful. I will definitely come again in winter.
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Memorial Temple
TangermaThe May 4th Youth Festival, in the rain, worshiped the three Su Xiang felt the author: Sun Donghua travellers to the end of the world, the storm is not determined what home? Back to the dream of the South Wan Wai zhao travel, what fear? Guzhou river to see the sunset. Fengyang pond drizzle, elegant, courtyard before the ancient wells number of quicksand. How many things are in the past, should remember, here in Meizhou Dongpo home. 2021.5.4 Late in Meishan Sansu Temple
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Ancient Settlement
M34***40Very good scenic spot, the ancient town protection is not bad, especially suitable for taking the baby to Liujiang ancient town to play water. Middle and old people are also very suitable, because the whole ancient town is relatively flat, there is no slope. We stayed in Hong Yayi B&B this time, a very good courtyard, clean and hygienic, the key is the boss good service, enthusiasm.
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Tom84114Third time to Heilong Beach, I have written a review before. This time, I will talk about the cruise ship and Panlong Island, and by the way, popularize the scenic area of Heilong Beach. 1. Location: Heilong Beach divided three major board tourist areas, it is recommended to look at the map first, similar to a Y type. Y on the left is paradise island water park, belongs to the resort area, more suitable for parents and children and family tour, assisted repair "train les" such "iron bollocks" lovers of the paradise, I will also go later; The upper right corner of Y is the last time I wrote in the travel notes of the underwater Buddha and "Splash the water present word", and Tang and Song stone carvings, the historical charm is full, is the black dragon beach ancient for "black dragon pool" supporting, promoted it as an artificial reservoir B; Y directly below is the most visited dams, docks and lake areas in general, the commercial flavor is the heaviest, the fun is not very big. This time only talk about this part, if you want to see the previous part of the travel record can see my record, it will take a long time to turn, there is patience to see. 2. Time and price: All day, but the opening time of the boat is different. There are two kinds of boats on the dock, one is a cruise ship, just at the entrance, you can sell the ticket. This kind of boat is covered by the park cruise ship, the ticket price is 50, you can swim for about 1 hour and the boat is estimated to be 6 pm. One is to ignore them and go directly to the end of the water. There are local residents who come and go to the opposite side of the lake. The uncovered ferry boat is 2 yuan or more. The distance is not long. It takes about 8:9 o'clock to collect the boat. On the other side, it is the Baoguo Temple where the Heilong Pagoda, one of the main attractions of Heilong Beach, is located. I say this you understand, need not spend that money to eat pit. Premises you do not want to swim long time, because the cover really no meaning. 3. Look: (1) the lake, this reservoir is very large, is built on the original "black dragon pool" expansion. The lake was shimmering, but there was no water, one reason was that Y could not have looked like Poyang Lake or Dongting Lake, and the other was because I was an honest man and didn't like to exaggerate the "flowing down 3,000 feet". Legend has 72 island of black dragon beach corresponding to the 72-like changes of Jiro God, why would and Jiro God to be involved in the relationship, before the swim "splash water now word" said not to say, boat house said only when dry 72 islands can leak out, this is a foreign language. The lake is rippling, a handful of clear see bottom, in recent years increased efforts to protect the effect is obvious, can bring a bottle of mineral water bottle, here is the water conservation site. The disadvantage of this kind of protection is that I would like to take a private boat, like in Baizhang Lake, enjoy the coolness of the lake, but the lakeside farmhouse music is not this service, regret. (2) Baoguo Temple, first time a few years ago, after going on the island, then walk a long distance to arrive, need to climb a not high mountain. The temple is not big, there are pigeons, a tower towers, upright, but can not go in. You can find local people to sit on the motorcycle climbing. (3) Panlong Island, the small for-charged island, the photo of the shaB-wielding inflator, is also a must-have for lake boats. They collude to take you there, then wait for you at the other end, and charge you 25 tickets. The island was formerly Monkey Mountain (word limit, travel notes)
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思想的蝴蝶Because go to Meishan play, by the way to Pengzushan, with two old people and a child. The scenic spot has been renovated. The first section of the mountain is a manually built ladder. The ladder is particularly good to climb. It is not tired. It is not stopped spraying along the way. It is a bit of a sense of fairy spirit. I also participated in the painting fan activity of the Mid-Autumn Festival. I worshiped the fairy statue and felt more comfortable. If the sun is not so strong, it is even better! The upper half of the mountain is mostly maintained for previous antiques, but the road is also repaired, and I feel that I am creating it with more care. The whole journey is still close to 3 hours, and I saw many elderly people climbing Pengzu Mountain! However, the next day, the calf and stomach were very painful and lack of exercise. While going up to the peak directly, I did not see the double Buddha, it seems that I have to take another old road to see it, because it is 2 old people, so I didn't go, a little regret! In addition, the courtyard and the no-old cabinet are still not open. Parking is also convenient and basically feels ok.
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Hot Springs Resort
M37***33[Scenic] The first time I came to listen to the introduction of my friends, this is a second time to bring children, the surrounding environment is suitable, the water quality is very good [interest] The children of the water park are especially fond of the [price-effective] family ticket purchased by the online review group, especially cost-effective! ! ! ! !

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About Meishan

Located in the Sichuan Basin between Neijiang City to the east and Ya'an City to the west, Meishan is located in the southwestern part of the Chengdu Plain. Featuring many cultural relics and historic sites, Meishan has a long history and rich culture. It is the hometown of the famous poet Su Dongpo. Meishan also has many beautiful landscapes such as the Wawushan National Forest Park, Heilongtan Scenic Area, Pengzu Mountain and Zhongyan Temple. Furthermore, Meishan's cuisine is not to be missed.

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24 Oct, 2021 Meishan Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 77%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:12/18:25
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