Province of Salerno
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11 Reviews
Historical Architecture
门子乀The villa is built on the mountain, and there is a performance venue that can accommodate hundreds of people. The stands follow the mountain. Not only can you watch the performance, but you can also overlook the famous two domes and a big tree below, as well as the blue sky. Maffei Coast.
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M32***23[Scenery] Very worthwhile and interesting experience [Fun] It is a very thoughtful and thoughtful museum. You can come into contact with different paper products, and there are workshops to make paper by yourself. The staff and teachers are very kind and enthusiastic, and it is worth spending some time to experience
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sallyThe Amalfi Coast is one of the 50 most beautiful places in the world. Together with the Greek islands, it is known as a "paradise on earth". It has a typical southern European style: warm sun, blue water, and soft sandy beaches. It can be described as a holiday resort. People who are attracted by the scenery of this seaside town often move their homes obsessively. The small town of Amalfi got its name. Here is half the sea, half the cliff, on the cliff are winding mountain roads and scattered villas. The roads along the coastline are very narrow, many places only allow one car to pass, and they keep winding mountains. Half an hour on board the bus, you can also reach the small town of Ravello, which overlooks the entire coastline and the small town of Amalfi at the foot of the mountain.
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Historical Site
City | ​​landmark
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Historical Architecture
小丸子老可爱Life in a small European town is really exciting, especially in such a beautiful place as Amalfi. I wish I could stop here and let me stay a few more days. It feels like Capri Island is not commercialized here.
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Historical Site
沣沣生气后果很严重A particularly interesting church that must punch in has been in Salerno for a week. I have been to different churches too but the most impressive was the Duomo di Salerno, which always revealed a secret and gave me a big surprise at the price of the ticket (Piazza Alfano Salerno, Italy): free transportation: About 10 minutes walk from the city center to the opening time: I was covered by a dusky light as soon as I entered the whole day, and あ seemed very romantic. The entrance was a cloister structure. It really surprised me. It looked very unique. I felt particularly fortunate that I had a very special service here and heard his especially magnificent music. ◎ really excites me. I am particularly happy to have such an opportunity to learn about the history of Salero. After visiting this church, I also dined at nearby 〓 Tegamino and the restaurant here is also very good. The only thing I'm glad of now is that I didn't give up on this church tour. ◎ really made me feel very delicate. Also gave me a deeper understanding of the history of Salerno. So if you are a cultural enthusiast, it's worth a visit and you won't be disappointed.

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Villa CimbroneProvince of Salerno,Italy

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Villa RufoloProvince of Salerno,Italy

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SalernoProvince of Salerno,Italy

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TramontiProvince of Salerno,Italy

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The Footpath of the GodsProvince of Salerno,Italy

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Parco del MercatelloProvince of Salerno,Italy

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Province of Salerno Weather

19 Oct, 2021
11 ~ 18
20 Oct, 2021
Mostly Clear
11 / 19
21 Oct, 2021
Intermittent Clouds
16 / 18
22 Oct, 2021
Cloudy with Thunder and Rain
14 / 18
23 Oct, 2021
Partly Clear with Thunder and Rain
13 / 20
24 Oct, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Province of Salerno
19 Oct, 2021 Province of Salerno Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 90%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:14/18:14
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