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Things To Do in Sanhe

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蓝色D鱼I think it is more suitable for children over 5 years old. I can understand some space knowledge. Game equipment can also play (many are more than 110 can play), of course, it is also a good place for small children to experience space earlier. The air-conditioned feet are also cool [Naughty] in the space. Please see the distribution map, when we went there were fewer people, clockwise, there were more places to play, most of the time to play down my children's favorite, 1 fort crisis, dismantle the bomb within the specified time, played 7 [cavities]; 2 Jupiter training base, has a certain challenge; 3 Star mission, flying spaceship, killing the enemy, mainly video game [Fangfang] noon in the Galaxy restaurant eat, 40 yuan a package, not all, really poor, can only say fill the stomach bar. Ps: Before going, you must contact if you can enter normally. We asked for a vaccine to enter.
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139***13Youpan Mountain, along the mountain road by the Xiangxia, all the way up, in the east of the Tiancheng Temple Gate of the stone bench, there is a lying cloud building. lying cloud building two floors six, painting, high ridges, built a spectacular. Every day rainy, the common white clouds in the valley, or hidden building, or through the building, will lie in the cloud hidden in the mist, very interesting, like a fairyland, the name of the building is also the same. In the opposite of the hill, there is a small stage site. It is the place where Emperor Qianlong took a rest and visited the palace.
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喵喵BTfishThe overall service in the scenic area can be praised from the ticket window to the service personnel contacted in the scenic area 👍! Break the conventional concept of the lack of service in the suburban attractions. Green water in the scenic area, European-style buildings and large green lawns as if into Europe. The first banquet hall Chinese food can be lapable, especially recommend the steamed Wuchang fish of Jinhai Lake, fresh and fat. Good-bye in the autumn!
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Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
HoooooHuge area and beautiful architectures. I recommend the place. you definitely should visit there when you are in Beijing. You’ll need to reserve a ticket in advance.
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tina021066Shilinxia UFO glass path, must punch the attractions. We went in mid-May, not too many people on the weekend. I wanted to drive myself before doing the Raiders, but the distance is a bit long and the parking is not convenient. In, I saw 🚌🚌🚌 Mu Bus 🚌🚌🚌, I went to Mutianyu before. This time, the direct train from Shilinxia was opened. It was too convenient. Getting on the UFO viewing platform, the scenery was too beautiful, the mountains were flowing, and the mountains and rivers were rolling in the eye. The pictures of the Qicai Pool were also beautiful. ~🎏🎏🎏 The scenic spot was very good, the Mubus was also very powerful, the driver's car was stable and the car was clean and tidy. There are service staff on the car to help purchase tickets, and there are discounts. 🙌🙌🙌
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M32***20The first experience last week, really great, no worse than Beijing Jiuhua Mountain Villa Hot Springs, the water quality is better, the No. 3 foot massage level is very professional. I regret to know too late. The only downside is that the midday snacks are too simple, and although free, they are better to offer fast food at your own expense.