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978 Reviews
Nature Reserve
M28***38The views are amazing and the tour was super super super great value. Especially the service of the scenic staff is also first class, very enthusiastic to answer our questions, tell us where the scenery is good, our family also experienced a water homestay, super feel, especially the lotus pond night, is beautiful.
990 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
睡恣@M丶The story between Liu Bang and Xiang Yu not only restores the famous history of Qing Ding, Hongmen Night Banquet and Wujiang Ziyi, but also fully displays the traditional culture of the country's non-legacy chess, silk brocade and warring families.
767 Reviews
TANG BOHUSuqian Santaishan National Forest Park is the net red punch card, the scenic area is the most beautiful eight scenery famous, landscape and rural, the movement and static appropriate, divided into "forest tourism area", "forest leisure area", "forest resort" three areas. Main attractions are: Putian, fruit forest landscape, Jinghu, natural mountain forest, Acacia Lake, Qingcui Lake and Meiyuan. There are Putian Flower Sea in spring, Qushui wind lotus in summer, red leaves in autumn, and snow boiled in Meicun in winter. It is a place for the soul to rest and is the dream of the original town you can't forget. The landscape is close to each other, the flowers and the seas are rippling, is a natural ecological oxygen bar. The land is large, the end of March and early April of each year is pear flower and February orchid bloom season. Walking here is the scenery before the startled, as if to the wonderland feeling, very suitable for punching in the photo.
147 Reviews
睡恣@M丶There is a place called the Dragon King Temple Palace near Lake Luoma in the north of Suqian, Jiangsu Province. It is known to everyone when you hear the name. It is the place where the emperors are on the cruise. The palace is adjacent to the Grand Canal of Beijing and Hangzhou, and is a typical northern official building complex. The red walled buildings, the magnificent girdle gates, make the temple look like a palace.
202 Reviews
吴立珍Kela Hi Valley Theme Park takes the canal culture as its biggest feature, integrates the world’s five canal resources, and creates a canal joy experience tour that is intimately in contact with the world canals and fully interactive through rich modern amusement experiences. Each area has a corresponding canal. The real scene is used as a template to create a true reproduction of exotic cultures such as characteristic buildings and humanities along the canals of the world through the landscape.
166 Reviews
刘畅阿Ok, more than 30 yuan for a ticket, animals are also OK, couples are traveling, or it is very good to take children to play. There are also a lot of snacks at the door, there are also a lot of parking spaces, convenient parking, convenient eating and drinking.

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Yanghe Distillery Cultural Tourism AreaSuqian,China

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Yuji ParkSuqian,China

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The Ancestral Home of Xiang WangSuqian,China

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Santaishan National Forest ParkSuqian,China

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Luoma Lake Scenic AreaSuqian,China

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Kelahai ValleySuqian,China

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Suqian Travel Tips

About Suqian

Suqian City is located in the northern part of Jiangsu Province. Because of the two famous liquors, Yanghe and Shuanggou, it is known as "the Capital of Chinese Liquor." It is also called the “City of Heroes,” as this was the place where Xiang Yu, the King of the Western Chu, was born. Criss-crossed by lakes and rivers, Suqian's plains are vast and fertile. Famous as being the hometown of Yangshu (Siyang), aquatic products (Sihong), famous wines and of silkworm cocoons, it was praised by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty as "the best place for rivers and mountains in the spring time."

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26 Sep, 2021 Suqian Weather: Overcast, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 78%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:57/17:59
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