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Things To Do in Xingning

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大C32The air in Xihewan scenic spot is fresh and savage, but there are fewer play. However, this year I re-entered the water park and played with big trumpets. Still ok
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Hot Springs Resort
hawkmiaoIn Xingning, it is considered a relatively peaceful hot spring, but it is an old-fashioned hot spring and should be a real hot spring. The public pool covers a small area, about a dozen pools, and the large pools are still full of various water sprays. Recommend villa single room, not expensive, there is a hot spring pool, suitable for couples.
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288***90Meizhou Meidong District, Meizhou, is the first tourist industrial park in China, the park is a collection of "eat, live, travel, travel, purchase, entertainment" and education, science and technology, culture as one, and at the same time, Meizhou key construction projects.
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135***51I have not come to Shenguang Mountain for many years. I came on the 38th Festival. I am very surprised. The road is good. The parking lot is free. It is directly up to the archway. It is very convenient. The mountain is fresh and fresh. There are not many tourists. The experience is good. The most happy is the tea flower, red, pink and white, and the laughter. Rapeflower, really nice surprise, the purple cherry blossoms at the foot of the mountain is also good, next time back to Xingning will come, often come.
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M42***06As a Kunming native, attracted by the scenery of Huoshan, he actually climbed Huoshan three times! "The crane in Yanli welcomes the guests, and the monks in the wall record the old questions. In 13 years, 17 years, and 2020, three climbs to Huoshan, I have the honor to witness the development process of the seventh most famous mountain in Guangdong ~ Huoshan, I believe that Huoshan will change tomorrow it is good!!!"
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D23***98Huangmanyu waterfalls are located in the upper reaches of the Coggeng River, Jingxiyuan Cukeng Village, Jiexi County, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province. The river water flows straight down and down to form a natural waterfall of 80 meters wide and nearly 100 meters wide. It enjoys the reputation of "the first waterfall in the south of the Ling".