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Things To Do in Xuyi

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357 Reviews
ShellyNational Day holiday to Tianquan Lake tour by the way to see the Iron Mountain Temple, the environment is very good, but the son and husband are having a big stomach, and the day is too hot, so I didn't finish shopping and came out. I will have the opportunity to go again in the future. Anyway, it is very close to Nanjing.
166 Reviews
m09***53It is worth seeing, there is a life of Zhu Yuanzhang inside, you can learn historical knowledge, the scenic spot is not big, but the parking lot is located far outside the gate. It takes at least ten minutes to walk to the scenic spot gate, which is a bit unreasonable.
102 Reviews
M47***56The first mountain is a fascinating name. Curiosity drove us to climb a circle. The mountain is not high, it was originally the Northern Song Wenhao Mi after drinking passion named. The first mountain Yu Shui South Bank, the original name of Nanshan, because rich in the capital Liang vanilla, so also known as the capital Liang, this also became the ancient county of the name of the other. Northern Song Tetsushu shosei 4 years (1097 years), calligrapher and painter Yone bitter to the army of the water, by the capital of the capital of the capital (Kaifeng) south of the water, the assumption of the same way. When entering the Jingluo suddenly see the strange show of the south mountain, poetry flourished: "Jingluo dust thousands of miles back, the head of the boat out of the emerald screen. Mo on the cross-huo collision star, and is the southeast of the first mountain," and the big book "the first mountain" three big words, from then on the south mountain changed name "the first mountain." Ming Dynasty great Wenhao Wu Chengen in "Journey to the West" has a wonderful description of the first mountain beauty: "On the top of the mountain there are upstairs Guandi, the mountain in the valley of the spring is very crowded, Guo Qiao stone, Pan Xiuqiao Song. There are Ruiyan Guan, Dongguan Wuxian Temple, Longshan Temple, Zhong Ling cigarettes rushing Bihan, there is glass spring, Five towers, eight Sendai, apricot garden, mountain light tree color city. White clouds cross, the birds are tired to sing. Say very Tai Heng Huaxiu, the world fairyland if Peng Peng. Make this scenic beauty and Penglai fairy island wet island fairy mountain. Yang Wanli, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, said that "the first mountain top, the first pavilion, is not known to negative life", and that it will regret for life if you do not visit the first mountain. After the establishment of the country, the first mountain became the important cultural relics protection unit of the Ministry, and the historical relics and monuments were gradually restored, and there were glass springs, cherry blossom garden, kuixing Tei, the first mountain monument of the rice pavilion, and the Ming Ron Do hall, and the most commendable of them was the first mountain inscription, and 172 pieces remained in the Qing Dynasty. After the 1986 year survey, 8 pieces of cliffs remained. From the early Song and Yuan Dynasties, late to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the style of books has Zheng, Cao, Li, Qi, and the style of poetry, Ci, titles, notes, since the "mountainside has Shijie Shicao." In the national forest park in 96, it was designated as a provincial scenic spot along with the surrounding area in 98, and it was approved as a national AAA class tourist attraction in 2007 12, and in 2009 12, it was approved as a national AAAA class tourist attraction, and it was designated as the national important cultural relics protection unit of the State Council in 2013 3.
26 Reviews
Geological Sites
毛肥First of all, the position of the navigation guide is wrong. When you find the place is like a temple, don’t walk on the small slope on the navigation at all. Go straight along the road. When you get to the Geological Museum, you can see this blue sky. The lake. So happy, the tickets are free. It is said that there is a depth of 40 meters. It is a place for diving certification. After I came, I thought it was worth it. It's free after all, which is really great. There is also a museum next to it to let you know about the surrounding geology, which is really nice.
107 Reviews
Outdoor skiing
_CF***70I went there on the last day of 2018, and the number of people slowly increased in the afternoon. This ski resort is fun enough for beginners and intermediates. I started to see everyone’s comments that skiing is still a bit dangerous, so I didn’t take the elevator to the highest slope to go down. In order to ensure safety, I only slide down in the middle of the waist. It feels that although the shoes are fastened, they are always loosened from under the snowboard. In addition, it is recommended that when you enter the door, the deposit bracelet and the storage box bracelet are a bit troublesome. There should be a ticket system. It is unreasonable to charge 10 yuan for the storage box
53 Reviews
M28***88Playing is pretty fun, it's a bit unreasonable when you queue up. In the summer, you take the equipment at one and a half, the delivery car is a bit small, just two, the queue for the summer is a bit awkward, the water is really not very clean, there are a large part of the road takes the lake water, It's also estimated that it's a bit exaggerated to drain and drain, but when you get into the water, there's nothing there. It's still fun overall.

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Duliang Shooting RangeHuai'an,China

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Mingzu MausoleumHuai'an,China

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Xuyi Xiangshan National Mine ParkHuai'an,China

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Xuyi Lishi Wenhua MuseumHuai'an,China

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Duliang ParkHuai'an,China

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Xuyi Travel Tips

About Xuyi

Xuyi County, Huai'an District is located in the northern part of Jiangsu Province, in the lower reaches of the Huaihe River. It has a long history and numerous historical sites. Successive generations of literati have left behind famous writings here that echo through the ages. Xuyi also has abundant natural resources, such as minerals, pasture, Chinese herbal medicines, and forest. The famous attractions here include the Ming Ancestors Mausoleum and Tieshan Temple National Forest Park.

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