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Things To Do in Yong'an

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Historical Architecture
喜欢旅游的小伙子The scenic area is directly opposite Taoyuan Cave, the two scenic spots are just across a river, there is a cable bridge to connect them. Here in Taoyuan Cave is also beautiful scenery, the mountains and water, the air is fresh, the scenery is beautiful!
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City Park
滇国剑客The landscape gardens planned and constructed in the city basically follow the same path. The difference is that because of the different levels of design awareness and temperature, the environment has undergone major changes. This is the case of the giant wooden guide of Yong'an Butterfly Mountain Park. Under the alternative landscape.
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喜欢旅游的小伙子The Yong'an City Museum is built next to the Confucian Temple. It houses the Yong'an Historical and Cultural Exhibition Hall and the Yong'an Progressive Culture Exhibition during the Anti-Japanese War. There are nearly 400 pieces in the collection, which have a strong historical and cultural significance?
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Geological Sites
真诚7577Backed by tens of kilometers of lush mountains and surrounding Jiulong Lake, the natural and ecological environment is extremely superior. The entire resort area has more than 20,000 acres of rolling mountains and waters, and the climate is mild, and the air is fresh and comfortable
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Geological Sites
牛奶海Yong'an National Geological Park is mainly based on Taoyuan Cave Scenic Area, combined with the special landforms of surrounding scenic spots such as Linyin Stone Forest in Yong'an. There are geological wonders such as the sky, Baizhang Rock and so on, you can go and see.
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E03***93Water in the upstream 🐔, duck. It is also a canal, and the overall feeling is very bad.

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Yong'an Travel Tips

About Yong'an

Yong’an is located in central-west Fujian Province. It was the provincial capital of Fujian during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. The Jiulong Brook and Ba Brook converge near Yong’an. The point at which they converge looks like a swallow’s tail. Hence, the city is also known as “Swallow City.” Yong’an’s famous Taoyuan Cave Scenic Area is comprised of areas such as Taoyuan Cave, Linyin Stone Forest, and Ge Village. The landscape is known for its reddish sandstone and karst topography. Linyin Stone Forest is composed of the Linyin Stones, Hongyun Mountain Stone Forest, and Eighteen Caves Scenic Areas. The biggest features in the area are the above-ground stone forests and the below-ground labyrinths.

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27 Oct, 2021 Yong'an Weather: Cloudy, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 92%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:16/17:33
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