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Things To Do in Eilat

Red Canyon
3 Reviews
lmjazzmanLooking at the red rocks under the blue sky in the desert under the scorching sun. Go to Timna Valley National Park. Timnapark is a desert address park. This red canyon has a long distance between sights and sights. You can drive directly into it. A park in the University of Novas, often only two of us stand against the scorching sun. Looking up in the vast desert, looking up at the red rocks of various shapes eroded by the wind and sand, the sky without a trace of clouds is so blue and the people are so small. This can be a paradise for photographers. Occasionally, an antelope grazes under a tree. They are very alert and run away as soon as they get close. Finally, he returned with a bottle of park sand.
Wadi Rum
100 Reviews
sarah小piuThe local Bedouins drive a jeep to take you through the wonders of the desert, 40JD per person, they will charge when they are in the visitor center, only cash. You can choose the morning or the afternoon, we booked from 3 pm until sunset. During the itinerary, we will go to several important scenic spots for tourists to take photos. Tourists can see spring wells in the desert, text carved on the rocks, and many photo spots for Internet celebrities. Various girls in red dress beautifully here. Viewing, of course, the last attraction is the sunset viewing spot that everyone likes. The sunset in the desert has a hazy feeling, but it is still very charming. Everyone will sit quietly on the high rock and enjoy the sunset. Great view. The whole process requires a certain amount of physical strength. If the climbing skills are good, then it is more suitable to come here. We have encountered many hikers who are quite professional. If you also like to hike in the desert, then flashlights, compasses, maps and other tools are essential. In addition to jeep and walking, there are also tourists who choose to go on horseback or camel tours. After the day's schedule is over, everyone hurries to take a shower, then eat, and wait for the stars. I must recommend the food here, I have never expected such a delicious food in such an environment! That’s right, you can’t eat it if you’re not in the desert, because his cooking method is to dig a deep hole in the desert, then burn it for 2-3 hours (look at the food), and finally put the lid on, we walk in and out here, But I never thought that the underground is our dinner. They all seem to be very simple Jordanian dishes, but they all say that the chef cooks deliciously. If your speed is too slow, it is very likely that the plate will be empty if you have not tasted it. During dinner, there will be a fox patronizing our dining tent. It looks like a wild dog and is not big, but it is familiar with the road. It comes in through the door to see you, and then rushes out of the window. The locals said that this fox meant to beg for food, and later came several times. The kind Bedouin rewarded it with a piece of chicken, and it quickly left after grabbing it. It is said that this fox also likes to steal the slippers of the guests. Sometimes, the guests have to walk a long way to find their own shoes, but all this is so novel to us. The cuteness of animals and the friendliness of humans are harmonious. Picture. After dinner, everyone washes up one after another. Don’t be too harsh on the conditions here. After all, in the desert, if you must have air-conditioned rooms, private bathrooms, and Internet celebrity tents, then there are also accommodations for thousands of yuan in the desert, but most Tourists will still enjoy the real tent camp. The water in the bathroom is not too big and not very hot, so everyone will just wash it without any problem. In the desert at night, there is no other light except for the stars. Some tourists will lie outside and stare at the starry sky for a while. Most of the tourists in the tent have their windows open. As long as you look up, the starry sky is yours. The tents provide blankets. Don’t think that the desert is very hot and doesn’t need to be covered. It’s still a bit cool in the middle of the night. After breakfast the next day, you can let the locals arrange to pick you up from the visitor center.
Dolphin Reef
3 Reviews
Dolphin Watching
林翠花Who can refuse the intimate contact with cute dolphins? In this attraction, you can have an intimate date with dolphins, because this attraction is specially designed for people to have close contact with dolphins. I was also very lucky to be here and saw the very cute dolphins here. There will be a dedicated dolphin breeder in the attraction to teach you how to play with dolphins? He has a round platform, and there is a water valley outside the round platform. The keeper will stand on this round platform to train the dolphins. When the keeper reaches out his hand, he still has to go around in circles, and our audience’s stands are very close. I can almost touch the dolphins. I can also play with the dolphins. When I stand on the round table, I can touch the skin of the dolphins. Their skin feels very plastic and feels a bit like glue. , The gray epidermis, the watery eyes, it just cuts my heart! The most special thing is that it also provides diving services with dolphins, but I regret that I did not go diving because it was winter when I went, so the weather was relatively cold, but such a fun attraction must try the address :Oceanfront at 15th St, Ocean Plaza Beach Resort, Tybee Island, GA 31328 Transportation: It is recommended to drive there by yourself
Aqaba Fort
3 Reviews
Historical Site
欲飞的鸟[Aqaba Castle] Located behind the Aqaba Seaside Square in Jordan, it is a fortress built by the Sultan in 1587, with a history of more than 400 years. After years of baptism, the castle is a bit dilapidated; the incomplete royal emblem tells the glory of the past... Next to the castle, there is Emil Sharif Said, a participant in the Battle of Aqaba during the First World War (1917). · The monument to Hussein bin Ali (Arabic: حسین بن علی).
Aqaba Archaeological Museum
3 Reviews
小月亮弯弯Wadi Rum in Jordan, which means "wine red valley" in Arabic, is named for its red sandy ground showing the color of red wine at sunset. The epic blockbuster "Lawrence of Arabia" was shot here and is a world cultural double heritage.
262 Reviews
Historical Site
流流溜溜The ancient city of Petra in Jordan is old and mysterious. It is amazing to walk through the "snake path" that enters the city 1.5km. It opens in the majestic temple on the cliff and rock wall. It is amazing to show rose-like color under the sunshine. It is worth a visit.

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Sound and Light show at Giza Pyramids
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Eilat Marina
Eilat MarinaHaArava Region,Israel

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Crocoloco Crocodile Farm
Crocoloco Crocodile FarmHaArava Region,Israel

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Red Canyon
Red CanyonHaArava Region,Israel

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Underwater Observatory Marine Park
Underwater Observatory Marine ParkHaArava Region,Israel

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Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve
Eilat Coral Beach Nature ReserveHaArava Region,Israel

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Princess Beach
Princess BeachHaArava Region,Israel

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