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Ausangate MountainNearby City

Ausangate Mountain

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""Returning to the natural ecology, looking for "natural treasure" for me, the meaning of life is constantly challenging, may be a project, may be a promotion, may be a sea, this time we chose Ausangate Mountain, because we believe that while conquering her, Also harvest super beautiful scenery, cheer~◆ Pay attention to safety and don't forget the beauty around the Ausangate Mountain is very large, if you really choose to hike, you still need professionals, there are few local travel agencies willing to take on this task, So we had the most famous local guide and had a four day three night hike. Our guide was not only familiar with the route but also very good at cooking, we started in the morning, the Ausangate Mountain was very cool in the morning, the fog was winding in the mountains, the whole mountain was very beautiful, very unpopulated, few trees, low lawns, the colors were also because the season was not green, yellow and green, the colors were mixed, It was beautiful, we passed a small lake on the way, the water is very shallow, the colors under the complex, the bottom of the lake near the shore is black stone, the water inside the lake more and more blue, the middle lake is blue, as if painted as deep. The whole mountain is also very high, but the range is also very large, the temperature on the top is very low, so the plants at the peak are almost absent and snow is always snowy, the rocks are bare and leaking underground, the contrast between white and black is strong, very beautiful. Recommended to see it. Address: Nevado Auzangate, Peru Open Time: All-year, all-day traffic: still recommend to drive by yourself, more convenient and convenient~"