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Film Studio
夏吹夏夜风In the late summer of September, on a day in Shajiabang, what can you do? In the autumn season, wear a rich age-feeling costume, walk in the quaint Jiangnan town, take a set of atmosphere full of "the era of the big film", record or review their youth. Although the crab is not mature, but before the lunar month to mid-autumn period, the child crab "June yellow" is also extremely delicious. In the sand family, fish for yourself once, a bamboo pole, a little fish, can catch a, the sense of achievement. At night, "Hengjing never night" night tour up, here, immerse in classic good play, appreciate different Shajiayu.
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_GG***88Beautiful area, very nice to walk. One of the best places in Changshu.
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fcy911Have been to Changshu many times, Changshu main attractions, Lushan, Shanghu, Shajiayu, Fangta Garden, Yanyuan and other major tours. Among them, Lushan love a unique love. Lushan National Forest Park and Shanghu Xiangyi, climbing Lushan, Wangshang Lake, lakes and mountains, especially beautiful. And here the humanities and historical places are numerous. In the east foot of Xiangshan, there is Zhong Xiang tomb, is Changshu has the oldest ancient tomb with historical research, about 3000 years ago. The son of the ancient father-in-law of Zhou Tai Wang, Zhong Xiang let the country south, is the ancestor of Wu culture. There is also a yanzi tomb nearby. Yanzi, name of the Xiang, Ziyou, Changshu people, Confucius three thousand of the only southern people. Yanzi learned to return to the south, south-east of the road, was honored as "Southern Teacher." There were also kofuku temple, several times. Kofuku Ji Temple is a temple of joshu tenning Ji Temple in the four great temples of the southern part of Japan (Hangzhou reigen Ji Temple, Chinjiang kinzan Ji Temple, joshu kofuku Ji Temple).
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M16***00The air is clean and it is very convince to go there The tower is so high that I spent much time to achieve the top and the view of the top is very beautiful It is an ancient city and has long history I love it
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Historical Site
秒懂风景Jiangsu Changshu Zengyuan and Zhaoyuan were famous gardens in the Ming and Qing Dynasties in the south of the Yangtze River. The two gardens were built adjacent to each other. They were all built with Lushan Mountain as the scenery, with water as the main body, and the scenic spots were surrounded by pools, which were mixed with different scenery and the landscape of the river. Not only that, but also, it is worth mentioning that it is located in Zengzhao Garden in Suzhou, which is also a good place for the beautiful scenery of the people of Suzhou.
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安雨晴Transportation: We rent a local car, drive to, parking is convenient, no parking fees. There is also a bus stop at the door, Changshu local transportation is still convenient. Entertainment: It was a pity that basically all the rides in the rainy park could not be played. Ecological park, large area, less people, good air, several exhibition halls are also very good. Diet: relatively poor, after several hotels in the park were told that there was no reservation can not eat, the park also basically no snack stalls, let us this kind of no snacks a bit hurt. Listen to local relatives said,Generally no Chang acquaintances come here,Is the school to camp or military training,Looks like there is no tour group.Love quiet people feel not bad,I want to play the suggestion can bring a snack to feel it. Tickets 35, the rides inside are charged separately. In fact, I feel that the tickets are a bit expensive, but I can accept it. The more friendly scenery is good, the children under 140 do not need tickets.

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About Changshu

Called Yu (虞) for short, Changshu (常熟) – which means “long matured” – got its name from the fact that this is a place known for its “fertile soil long free from floods or droughts.” Changshu is located in southern Jiangsu Province. Situated in the Lower Yangtze River Delta, Changshu is nicknamed the “Paradise of the Lower Yangtze” and is one of the wellsprings of China's Wu culture. Renowned sights here include the Yushan Shanghu (虞山尚湖) Tourist Area and the Shajiabang (沙家浜) Scenic Area.

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