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Things To Do in Cangzhou

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Jessicaliu1117Finding a park is not big enough. If you go shopping for a day, you can buy tickets at the gate of the park, you can also buy tickets for (but buys tickets, not connected to the site, you also need to take artificial photos to verify, a little delay). There are fewer restaurants and drinks in the park. Now you are building a food court. You can open it at the end of the year. You need to bring some food to supplement your physical strength. The folk performances in the park are also very good, one session after another. It is recommended that the theater of the [Jianghu] Theatre, two shows a day, the actors are young, the movements are skilled, the acrobatics are superb, it is wonderful. The ghost hand theater, you need 60 yuan / person at your own expense, feels general, but the environment is comfortable, air-conditioned, relatively cool. There is also a horse show, which is also very good, and the English is very cool. There is no food and drink around the park, and there may be no too exquisite food in the local area. If you search the public comments, you will find a few places. The taste is salty. Come to the park to play, live next to the acrobatics hotel is OK, the hotel conditions are very good, there are fewer people, more comfortable, the scenery is also very good.
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Historical Architecture
独家记忆69Still recommend to see, Beijing is the most famous attraction in the river! 800 years of history is still worth seeing! South of the building, is the street, the original is a bustling and tidy street, the street on both sides of the hotel shop, the street south of the building built a wooden arch in the eight years of Qinghui (renovated in 1730) is a pure wooden structure of the building, darts, carved beams, quite spectacular. The main gate, two side ear gate, can come and go, very smooth. East and West ear door above write "Chengzhen", "Zhengping" four characters. On the main gate write "Yan Zhao Xiongfeng" four characters, write commissioner Huang Weicheng title, the actual four are written by the old Mr. Wang Bolong (Liren) in the city. There is free parking, and you must buy it in advance because of the time limit for entering the park!
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li-li717Use the May Day holiday to come here one day in advance. The advantage is that there are fewer people coming one day in advance and it is quiet. The scenic area is quite big, mainly very clean and the air quality is good! Because it is cloudy, it is a bit cold. The scenery is also a bit discounted. The disadvantage is also due to the lack of people, so the interval between the tour bus and the cruise ship is longer, the number of flying Hongkun is relatively small. The main grooves are the road to the scenic spot, the last few kilometers, first brick paving paddle road, then the long-unrepaired pit road. So everyone must not go to the North Gate, (the cruise ship is not to the North Gate), listen to the scenic staff said, the south gate road is better. This season there are fewer birds, only artificially raised Hongkun.
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Hot Springs Resort
暝逝Mainly played by children, it is large, the facilities are relatively human. The water quality and environment are not very good in the afternoon, we need to add the circulation system, but the overall is not bad. You can bring food into, you can bring a swimming circle, in fact, it is a water park, hot springs can not say anything.
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19过客75After watching the TV series "Iron Teeth Bronze Teeth Ji Xiaolan", she became very interested in Ji Xiaolan. This time she sent her children to Cangzhou to go to school. Ji Xiaolan Cultural Park is not too far from the city center, about 30 kilometers, but the road was blocked in traffic for nearly two hours, and it was almost noon. The scale of Ji Xiaolan Cultural Park is not large, and the environment in the park is not bad. Experience the cultural artistic conception of Qing dynasty scholars firsthand. Tickets are not expensive and I feel pretty good!
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睡恣@M丶"Dongguang Iron Buddha Temple: The Temple of Dongguang Iron Buddha is a famous historical site, famous for its" Lion Jingzhou Tower, Iron Bodhisattva in Dongguang County". The original name of the temple, "Puzhao Temple", was built in the 5th year of Kaibao (973) in the Northern Song Dynasty and has a history of more than 1,000 years, Known for the size of the Buddha Buddha in the temple, the temple was not big after being destroyed and rebuilt, but the surrounding environment was very good.