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Things To Do in Dongshan

892 Reviews
DJDQIn winter, few people, all the hotels are empty, many shops are not open, accommodation prices are also beautiful. The main attractions are in the northeast, the time is tight, others can not see, mainly look at Jinluo Bay: the wind is very strong, very cold, the beach Shangkema Bay: the wind is not big, the sun is very warm, the beach facilities are relatively perfect. You can sit on the raft and watch the sea daze. Nanwan: There are many people, beaches are average, parking fees. Tianya Aojiao: At the southern end of the island is relatively far away, suitable for driving, there is no facilities at the attractions, just a big stone, the beach is a bit dirty. Nobody takes care of it. But the wind and waves are very spectacular. Fengdong Stone: South Australia's favorite attraction, although the ticket is 45, but really worth a look, repair and maintenance are good, the scenery has the feeling of Australia Ocean Road.
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Rock Monument
D22***90A lovely attraction. The rock is fascinating, but the whole reserve is pleasant, with a large koi pond and walk with great views around one part of the edge of the island
405 Reviews
300***34Although the place is not big, the scenery is pleasant, the sea is clear, you can climb the mountain, swim, fishing, the natural landscape is very rich, the Wenfeng Tower is simple and coarse, the Dongming Temple is solemn and clean, it is worth a visit. Overall, the scenery is good,
235 Reviews
134***87I have been going to Maluan Bay to swim and eat seafood for five consecutive summers. It is very good. It is best to check in at noon. After lunch break, go to the beach to swim at around 4 o'clock. It should not be too late. If you go at 5 o'clock, you will feel a bit cold. Eat seafood at the beach stalls, and go for a walk on the beach after eating, super cool!
Nearby City
396 Reviews
耶路撒冷的牛牛The hotel has more than 300 rooms, the most popular is the lake view room here, there was a reservoir here, now in the renovation, the surrounding landscape is still upgrading, the future will create a feeling of opening a window to see plum blossoms.
21 Reviews
Outdoor diving
_uc***90I haven't played diving before, so I want to experience it. It's not difficult, but it's not difficult to dive. Just listen to the coach's guidance and relax and don't be nervous. It is estimated that a sunny day will be another scene

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About Dongshan

Dongshan is a county in the southeast of Fujian Province, under the administration of Zhangzhou close to Guangdong province. It is located on Dongshan Island, Fujian's second largest island. The area is famous for its picturesque coastal landscape and expansive bays. Major attractions include the ancient town of Tongshan, Guandi Temple, Fengdongshi Scenic Area, Maluan Bay and Yingzui Rock.

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