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Things To Do in Liancheng

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WillSumGuanzhang Mountain South Station is located on the south side of Liancheng. There are a lot of flights to Fuzhou in Xiamen. There are a lot of high-speed rail shifts. There are many trains at the door that can return to the county seat of Liancheng. The transportation is relatively convenient.
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Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
M42***18The environment is good and the background is good. The reception service at the hot spring is very good, especially the smiles on the face. Thank you for the warm reception. Next time you travel, you will choose Tianyi Hot Spring Resort
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朝霞浮萍Peitian Ancient Village is located in Xuanhe Township, Liancheng County, Longyan, Fujian Province, and is one of the two ace in Liancheng County tourism. If you get off at the train to Guanzhang Mountain Station, you can go out to the roadside and take the county seat to Xuanhe Township. If you come from the county seat to Peitian, there are 40 kilometers away. You can also take a bus from the city to Xuanhe township at the bus station. The ticket is 12 yuan. It takes about 1 hour. The end point is in Peitian Village. Ancient Village has now received 50 yuan tickets.
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wbclawyerVisitors to Guanzhe Mountain usually travel through Shimen Lake. To visit Shimen Lake, they need to walk to the cruise ship dock and take a cruise to see the mountains in the lake and the water. Those mountains have many animals, objects, People, gods, etc., the scenery is beautiful, the mountains and clear waters are beautiful.
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M28***95You can go there for sightseeing and the ticket is only 50. Including boat and mountain tour, about half an hour by boat. After that, you can go climbing, the scenery is beautiful, Guanzhe Mountain is very big, you can be afraid of one day. I suggest you go! Travel by car, because it’s not easy to take a car there
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Ancient Settlement
Historical Architecture
卡利亚诺李春The ancient town of Sibao in Liancheng, the only living witness of ancient engraving and printing, is currently the most complete one of the four major engraving and printing bases in the country during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. This is a record of the world's leading Chinese ancient civilization. It was once famous for its flourishing engraving and printing industry. The books printed were said to be "marketed in the south of the Yangtze River and spread abroad".