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Things To Do in Qiongzhong

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移花公子Diaoluo Mountain ticket 35, the Guoguoshan Waterfall and Shiqing Waterfall are worth seeing. The nearby Dali Waterfall and the Xiaomei Lake scenery are also good. You can drive all the way, there are not many roads on your own, suitable for a family driving out.
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139***13Wuzhishan tropical rainforest scenic area in the water township water full up the village has Wuzhishan viewing platform, can be seen from the back of the hand to Wuzhishan. Self-driving navigation waterfull police station, follow X590 township and then move 1.5 kilometers to the gate of the scenic spot, free parking, 30 yuan tickets, battery car 20 yuan. We arrived at the scenic spot around 4 pm. When more than 5 people came out from the scenic spot, the gate of the scenic spot was open. The ticket sellers and the ticket collectors of the scenic spot were off work. The gate was open for the residents in the scenic spot to pass.
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E32***65Boundary Island is absolutely gorgeous! There is lots to do here, especially if you have a family. Surrounded by nature and the sea, I understand why so many couples want their wedding photos taken here. If you want more than a day trip here, like myself, the cabins with Boundary Island Fishing Club are great. After all the day trippers have left on the last boat back to the mainland, that's when the magic of nature takes over! You can sit out on your private balcony, watch the sunset, and thoroughly enjoy the stars! Later to sleep like a baby along with the sound of waves...
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蕊希发发Every winter is to come to Hainan to winter, all the attractions and play projects have experienced, I have heard that the Red Canyon rafting is very fun, but I have not gone, this time I really have no place to go, with a bad mood to feel, My daughter and I drove from Sanya to Wuzhishan by ourselves. The scenery is particularly good along the way. There are more curved roads on the mountain. As long as you drive slowly, it is very safe. 1. Children must be under 16 years old to play 2 open hours are 1:30 pm, and more than 3 kilometers of rafting will take nearly 2 hours. After three o'clock, I will stay in. I have to see the weather when I go to play. When the weather is not good, it is not open. 3. Bring a change of clothes, play down absolutely wet, there are lockers in the scenic area, three yuan a, the staff will carry the box to the end, it is very convenient, the end has a bath room, there is hot water, Can rinse 4. You must bring your mobile phone bag with you. You need to take a video to keep the irritating rafting along the way. 5. Every river has a job rescuer to guard it. Please rest assured that the staff service is very good. Conscience evaluation, it is really too fun, and you want to play a great game. Great value, fun, fun, nice view,
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118***96Limu Mountain is a famous mountain in Hainan and the ancestor mountain of the Li nationality. The green mountains and green waters are the birthplace of the Changhua River, the Nandu River and Wanquan River, the three major rivers in Hainan. There are many types of plants and animals. There is also a strong incense in the Li Mu Niang Niang Temple, which is worth a visit and can also travel and climb mountains.
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E35***89this is a great island to visit with your family. it's easy to navigate on scooters and nothing is more than 30min away. there arent many western food choices on the island but still plenty to eat. book a whale watching tour for a great experience. The island has lots of hiking and trail areas that are easily accessible for children and slow walkers. beautiful views are everywhere.