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Things To Do in Rotterdam

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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
E29***77the largest windmill area in NL. better rent a bike and have a relaxing afternoon there.
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Modern Architecture
E29***77An interesting building group in Rotterdam. you can pay and take a visit to the cube house, or take a break at the coffee house there.
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野枫印象The Erasmus Bridge is also known as the Swan Bridge. This bridge was completed in 1996 and was designed by architect Ben van Berkel. It not only realized the function of the building, but also created a work of art in the history of architecture. This cable-stayed bridge connects the north and south of Rotterdam. The asymmetrical pylons of the bridge are like a swan leading to the sky, and the huge steel cables arranged on both sides are like unfolding swan wings. The shape is extremely unique and beautiful.
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野枫印象Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands and one of the largest port cities in the world. Rotterdam has a rich water network and a well-developed shipping industry. Scenery related to this characteristic of the city can be seen everywhere. Many restaurants and bars are driven on boats moored by the river.
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Observation Deck
Modern Architecture
小思文Rotterdam built a tall tower on the grounds of the Horticultural Exposition. There is a large space at the top, a dedicated viewing platform and a unique restaurant. This landmark building is also a very important part of the local sightseeing tour. The tower is distributed around Lots of fun things. [View] The view here is very good
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Modern Architecture
DDDDDD宝🌟markthal is a u-shaped arcade market, located in the city center, very close to the pencil house. The architectural shape is unique, and the paintings on the internal walls are very good, with traditional Dutch food, flowers, insects, etc. 🌟Most of the markets in the market sell traditional Dutch delicacies, special snacks patpat, a kind of French fries🍟, and stalls that specialize in various cheeses~A cheesecake, satisfy~Most of the shops have nothing to do, similar to food court.