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Things To Do in Wuning

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Flower Fields
gz当地向导伊妹儿The scenery of the West Haihua Qiangu in Lushan is pleasant, walk, stroll, feel the fun brought by nature, comfortable, refreshing, lingering, good choice, cost-effective.
87 Reviews
Water Sports
M36***62The package is still relatively cost-effective. It is recommended to directly choose the speedboat, if you want to play, temporary extra tickets will be more expensive. The weather and risk are good, it is beautiful to take a casual photo, but. There are more garbage on the water around the road where the net red took a photo. All the staff were very welcoming and although it was hot, they felt comfortable overall. By the way, if there is a travel plan, it is recommended to buy tickets in advance for two hours.
55 Reviews
豆丁爸看世界After an irritating 8-hour drive, I finally arrived at the West Sea and arrived in Wuning County. I found that the city was surrounded by water on all sides. The size of the West Sea was evident. Change the car and board the boat and enter the lake viewing area. Our destination is Treasure Beach. We arranged to stay on Xiaoyao Island. It is a water villa. It is said that when the water rises in the rainy season, it feels a bit like a Madai sea villa. The house is still very beautiful, with a hanging basket, a projection TV, and a glass floor. The conditions are good. Because it is summer, there are a lot of flying insects and it is very dry. The air conditioner is only good after a long time. Supper was eaten at the golden beach. The boat took us to the restaurant. After dinner, we watched the sunset by the lake, with birds flying over the water, which was peaceful and beautiful.
46 Reviews
288***30The golden sandy beach of Lushan West Sea is indeed very charming. The sea here is not really the sea, but it looks very vast and spectacular. Many people come here to watch.
91 Reviews
JeackhuaTickets cost one yuan, but the ferry ticket costs 70. The journey takes a small boat and drives slowly. It takes about a quarter of an hour. The return journey is a big boat. It will arrive in ten minutes. The scenery is similar to Qiandao Lake, but it has not been developed much. It is a relatively primitive scenery. Although it is the season of peach blossoms, there are not many peach blossoms in full bloom. Maybe it will be better if you come a little earlier. It has been turning around on an island. It is quite large and has various flowers and grasses. However, there are not many navigation signs along the way. I often encounter a fork in the road and don’t know how to go. In addition, there is no scenery after the floating bridge has passed. It is still awaiting further development. When I left, I also gave peach gum. I don’t know if it is good or not. In general It's still possible.
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阿雅Shenwu Mountain has a good view. Although it is during the National Day, there are not many people and it is suitable for a leisure tour. There are more stairs, all stone roads, because of limited physical strength, did not climb to the top of the mountain. The most important thing is that the sign on the mountain is not clear, so the tourists are a bit confused, so it takes some physical strength to go up and down the mountain.

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West Sea Water World·Jinkou Scenic AreaJiujiang,China

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Jiulingshan Forest ParkJiujiang,China

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Mituo TempleJiujiang,China

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Lushan West Haihuaqian ValleyJiujiang,China

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Wuning Huayuan ValleyJiujiang,China

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Wuning Travel Tips

About Wuning

Wuning County is located in the northwest of Jiangxi Province. The county is home to charming landscapes with breathtaking views. Wuning has a long history. Successive generations of poets and scholars worked here as officials, came here on vacations, or retired to this location. Some examples are Liu Hun, Su Shi and Huang Tingjian. Some of the main attractions include Lushan Xihai, Xihai Scenic Area, Shenwu Mountain Scenic Area, Taiping Mountain, and Luxi Caves Scenic Area. In addition, Wuling Cliff is the longest water rafting course along any river in Jiangxi, with the greatest different in elevation and the clearest waters.

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Wuning Weather

17 Oct, 2021
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18 Oct, 2021
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20 Oct, 2021
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21 Oct, 2021
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22 Oct, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Wuning
17 Oct, 2021 Wuning Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 59%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:22/17:48
Wuning Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low