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Things To Do in Wuyi

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1,004 Reviews
National Park
楚楚芸香✨🌿🌿✨To Jinhua Wuyi must play once Niutoushan National Forest Park, Niuqi is sky-high, this is how good! Niutou Mountain is known as Jiangnan Xiaojiuzhai, with cliffs, streams and Bitan long, "Jinhua eight-in-one peak", elevation 1560 meters, by the fairy named, due to water and spiritual. There is a high-altitude cableway in the mountains and a glass path are worth the challenge. Besides the natural landscape, there are some entertainment items, such as the "first drift in Zhejiang" Shenniu Valley drifting.
855 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
JCNReally enjoyed the hotsprings. Very clean environment and polite staff. Alot of different pool to choose from.
331 Reviews
Geological Sites
大亚湾的鲨鱼On the last day of May 1, from Songyang to Wuyi to go home. There are almost no one in this AAAA scenic spot, and a family of three is packing. Visitors who have seen other Danxia landforms may feel the scenery is average, it is not worth it to come here. The big red rock under the sunset on the ticket did not see it in the scenic spot. And then I went out and went around a reservoir and it didn't feel like a place.
340 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
mdczimmermanWe had the most relaxing vacation! We spent 4 days at the resort and came to Hot Springs every day. It was never too crowded or loud! Every day we could find at least 1 pool empty, so it felt luxurious and private. If you soak in the pools near the road, you will occasionally here traffic. But, if you soak in the center, you will feel like you are in your only little paradise. We absolutely Loved it and can’t wait to return. ❤️
353 Reviews
Ancient Villages
JCNMagnificent scenery and clean environment. Alot of trees and nature surrounding this area. The old architecture and feel of the old town living was also beautiful. Alot of nice places to take pictures
104 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
Outdoor skiing
M25***49Self-driving on the mountain, the scenery is good. There are two beautiful lake slides. Too scary to play the ski resort. It takes about 20 minutes to walk on the top mountain road. The mountain road is not easy to walk. The ski venue is quite big. It is recommended to rent a snow suit and bring gloves. The key is waterproof and anti-fall, because beginners will definitely fall. We didn’t rent and regret it because I fell too much and went out without playing for an hour and the snow is not soft. The fall is still a bit painful, especially the hands because of a fall. I’ll hold the brakes under my hands. It’s cold and icy, and my clothes get wet. The coach recommends not to use it because the time is short and it won’t make you quick. When you are simply sliding down, you will have a punch left and right in front of the inner horoscope. The body will be squatted and the center of gravity will be lowered. You can control the direction with a snowball fight (ps. There is an additional charge for overtime with a limited skiing time. However, the deposit is 200 yuan for the total of 3 of us. I paid 200. Skiing seems to be more than 100 for an hour. If there are many people and you want to ski for a few more hours, you can take advantage of the loopholes. Haha, just take care of it yourself)

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Niutou Mountain Dream SpaJinhua,China

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Guo DongJinhua,China

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Wuyi Travel Tips

About Wuyi

Wuyi county is situated in center of Zhejiang province. Home to China's largest reserves of fluorite, it is known for its rich mineral resources, beautiful mountainous scenery and hot springs. It is also famous for its lotus seeds. Popular attractions include Yanfu Temple, Mount Niutou, Qingshui Bay Hot Springs Resort, the ancient village of Yuyuan and the Dahongyan Rock.

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28 Oct, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Wuyi
28 Oct, 2021 Wuyi Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 77%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:10/17:19
Wuyi Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low

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