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  • Where is the most popular villa hotel in Yokosuka?

    Hayama Funny House is the most popular villa hotel in Yokosuka. A lot of visitors to Yokosuka is making a reservation for Hayama Funny House hotel everyday.

Yokosuka Villas Guide

Book your hotel on for an amazing travel experience. Looking for hotels in Yokosuka? is a great place to start. You can plan a day tour in Yokosuka. Yokosuka is a quiet city. You'll definitely feel relaxed during your visit.

There is no civilian airport in this city. You can visit a nearby city first, and then head to Yokosuka using other means of transportation. Yokosuka has JR Taura station and JR Yokosuka station. Each day, many trains run to and from Yokosuka and other cities nearby.

There are not many hotels in Yokosuka. Guests are advised to book in advance. When looking for hotels in Yokosuka, there are likely good options at a nightly budget of just 202 AUD. There are 2 four-star hotels in Yokosuka at an average price of 579 AUD per night. There are 7 three-star hotels in Yokosuka at an average price of 101 AUD per night. There are 1 two-star hotels in Yokosuka at an average price of 135 AUD per night. Unique local hotels in Yokosuka provide guests a unique and fresh feeling. Grand Mercure is the most popular brand among tourists. In Yokosuka, chain hotels such as Grand Mercure are one of the top choices among travelers. Shonan Ova is one of the most popular hotels in Yokosuka. Hayama Hotel Otowa No Mori is also one of the most frequently chosen hotels.

There are quite a few famous attractions in downtown Yokosuka, such as Yokosuka Port Market, Yokosuka Municipal Disaster Prevention Center. You can choose attractions in Yokosuka that are perfect for a weekend getaway, such as Ichigo House Kayama Farm, Tateishi Park, Tomyodo. You can also visit top-rated attractions like Yokosuka City Museum of Nature and Human Culture, Shingyoji, Daimyoji Temple. Upon departure, you can head to popular commercial areas like Golf 5(Yokosuka), Matsumoto Kiyoshi to buy souvenirs or travel accessories.

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