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Top 5 Amazing Nighttime Views in Haikou - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Mission Hills H‧Brothers Feng Xiaogang Film Commune

    4,112 Reviews
    12.4km from downtown
    "it's a very romantic place go with your buddy to stay inside those hotel, feeling really back to 60 years century, and can't take some souvenir small pictures for free!"
    Highlights: The Mission Hills H‧Brothers Feng Xiaogang Film Commune is a large-scale film base that showcases the evolution of Chinese cities throughout the 20th century. The popular variety show, "Keep Running" once filmed an episode here. The scenic area’s features include 1942 Republic Street, Southeast Asia Street, and the Fanghua Courtyard. The 1942 and Fanghua Courtyard areas are scenes from the movies 1942 and Fanghua respectively. Walking among this familiar scenery, one could think they are actually in a movie. The area features a number of hand prints belonging to famous Chinese movie stars, and a number of performances to delight interested visitors.
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  • No.2

    Qilou Old Street

    3,850 Reviews
    1.6km from downtown
    "Loved this area in Haikou ! feels like a different world! full of cute coffee shops and little shops to spend your time browsing ! definitely a must visit when in Haikou!"
    Highlights: Qilou Old Street is a distinctive streetscape in Haikou City. It is mainly distributed on Deshengsha Road, Xinhua South Road, Zhongshan Road, Boai Road and Jiefang Road. Qilou was built by the overseas Chinese returning from Nanyang and draws on the local architectural styles. Now, various businesses operate out of these Nanyang buildings. It is important to note that buying things here requires fierce bargaining, do not be embarrassed!
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  • No.3

    Wanlv Park

    934 Reviews
    3km from downtown
    "This park is beautiful. You can tell it’s a popular spot for all ages. People were flying kites, relaxing, having picnics, kids were playing, etc. The park is decorated with beautiful flowers and palm trees. There is a large lake area. It is a great place to go ! I loved it there."
    Highlights: Wanlu Park is an open park in Haikou. Here you can see people who are running, practicing boxing, flying kites, and riding tandem bicycles. It is a good place for local weekend trips. A number of tropical and subtropical plants, primarily coconut trees, have been planted in the garden, yielding a unique landscape. There is also a golf course where you can exercise and relax.
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  • No.4

    Hainan Univeristy

    194 Reviews
    3.4km from downtown
    "This is a 211 university. It is currently introducing talents to the world-class universities. The talents introduced have brought vitality to the school. Opposite the school gate, across the sea is the Yundong Library. There are snacks next to it"
    Highlights: Although Hainan University is not as famous as some famous universities in the mainland, it also has a beautiful campus, handsome boys and attractive girls. The campus is full of bright sunshine, walking or cycling, shuttle in the green forest, looking up is the coconut tree. There are food stalls and handicraft stalls such as coconut shells and shells at the entrance of the campus, you can stroll around.
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  • No.5

    Haikou Century Bridge

    239 Reviews
    3.1km from downtown
    "At night, when the city's neon lights flash, the century bridge in Haikou is like a dreamy rainbow, across the quiet sea, adding a mystery and romance to the coastal city. I was fortunate to watch the Haikou Century Bridge at night, and the feeling of that moment still vividly vivid. When I stood on the beach near the bridge, I was first shocked by the endless night sky. The stars are like pearls scattered by God on the sky with diamonds. They glow and shine with the bridge in the distance, making people sigh the magic of nature. As night falls, the lights of the Century Bridge gradually light up, showing a gorgeous colorful beauty. The LED lights on the bridge not only add color to the bridge, but also change various patterns and colors, like dreamy stage sets. I feel like I am in a fairy tale world, away from the world. The reflection of the bridge sparkled on the sea, as if it were a huge painting that blended the sky, bridge and sea perfectly. I sat quietly on the beach, listening to the waves lapping on the shore, and felt a peace and tranquility. This tranquility made me forget the hustle and bustle of the city and blended me with nature. The night view of the Century Bridge also made me think about the concept of time. The bridge connects both sides of the Straits and represents the connection between the past and the future. I imagined the shuttle of vehicles on the bridge, people's traffic, this is constantly continuing. Under this modern bridge, I feel the passage of time, the continuation of life. Night view of Haikou Century Bridge is a unique journey of the soul. Here I found peace in my heart and felt the harmonious coexistence of nature and human civilization. This bridge is not just a traffic project, but a symbol of connecting the city with nature, the past and the future. Every night's walk is a deep thinking about life and a sense of beauty."
    Highlights: Haikou Century Bridge lies on the Haidian River, which can be regarded as the iconic scenery of Haikou. In the evening, when the sun sets in the west, the bridge structure of the bridge is amazing. The bridge can also pass people, there are sidewalks, and you can overlook the vast sea from the bridge. The bridge is located on the northward extension of Longkun North Road in Haikou City, with a total length of 2,683 meters, of which the main bridge is 636.60 meters long. The main bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with two towers, two cable surfaces and three spans. There are 4 towers at both ends of the main bridge, and bridgehead squares on the north and south banks.
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