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Top 5 Great Urban Parks in Haikou - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Haikou People's Park

    419 Reviews
    479m from downtown
    "Haikou People's Park is known as "Daying Mountain" in ancient times. This small mountain bag, which is more than 400 acres and less than 30 meters above sea level, has been closely related to heroes and memorial heroes since ancient times. Before the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Daying Mountain faced the sea in the north. Today, the legend of East and West Lakes is the deep pool of Wulong "Tengyun Ascension" and "Pushing Waves into the Sea". Not only "Longtan", the nearby premises are also extraordinary: the north of the mountain is "Longton", "Tongue" before the slope "Longton slope"; three villages on the mountain, respectively, named waves, waves, since the Tang Dynasty to the Ming and Qing Dynasties and even the early years of the Republic of China, have been so loud and local."
    Highlights: A popular citizen park, the east and west lakes in the park are beautiful, surrounded by coconut groves by the lake, and the pavilions on the island in the center of the lake are magnificent. There is also a zoo in the park, where you can see some tropical and subtropical animals. There is also a new playground in the park, which attracts a large number of children. Haikou People's Park, the whole park is divided into Dongxi Lake tourist area, martyrs memorial area, tropical plant specimen area, quiet rest area, orchid garden, animal area and living area according to functional divisions. The Hainan Liberation Monument is located at the entrance of the main entrance of the park and stands on Daying Mountain. It was built in 1954 to commemorate the martyrs who died heroically in the Qiongdao Revolution and the battle across the sea for a long time. The park also houses a statue of General Feng Baiju and a memorial pavilion for Feng Baiju. General Feng Baiju is the leading core of the Qiongya Party organization.
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  • No.2

    Guilin Yang National Tropical Agriculture Park

    12 Reviews
    16.1km from downtown
    "Visitor Center: 1. Guilin Yang Agricultural Park self-driving day trip: business hours: 9:00~17:30 Key words: picking, leisure, parent-child, research discipline, beautiful rural self-driving navigation: Baidu map positioning Guilin Yang National Tropical Agricultural Park About parking: Agricultural DreamWorks Car Park (Parking is free) ~ Play guide ① There are various projects suitable for parents and children in the park, including bumper cars, ocean balls, trampolines, four seasons skiing... Parents are leisurely, and the beasts can also enjoy time. During the National Day, there is also a dinosaur exhibition. ② Internet celebrity check-in points to take pictures of Shennong's character sculpture, Fandai Flower Sea, Alpine Village pastoral scenery, DreamWorks Glass Greenhouse, Snow Mountain King Paradise, Flower Restaurant. ③ Taowu Shopping with gifts, food, fruit ice cream to get tired of reinforced cement, go to more sea view homestays, the family to slow down the pace of the park, not lost as a relaxing holiday choice. 2. I booked a discount ticket online on November, and I made an appointment with my friends to go shopping. We mainly looked at the outdoor idyllic scenery and amusement park here. It was the favorite of children. Every time they came, they had a great time. In addition, the autumn weather was sunny. Go to the park for a walk, Feel the beauty of the mountain village "the village is in the garden, the home is in the scenery", the mood is particularly beautiful..."
    Highlights: Guilin Yang National Tropical Agricultural Park is a new type of tourism form, which is different from the general concept of urban parks. It is an upgraded version of rural leisure and agricultural tourism, and is a high-end form of agricultural tourism. In addition, DreamWorks Rainforest Park mainly includes rockery waterfalls, plant mazes, etc. It invites domestic circuses to perform, and the programs are colorful and interesting. Dream Agriculture Kingdom: The Agriculture Dream Factory is a large-scale, fully-equipped, and highly intelligent agricultural production demonstration complex built at one time in Asia. Here, you can experience the high-tech planting of tropical agriculture, taste fresh and healthy green fruits and vegetables, and choose a variety of colorful flowers.
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  • No.3

    Jinniuling Park

    184 Reviews
    3.4km from downtown
    "Jinniuling is located on the south side of the middle section of Haixiu Avenue, Longhua District, Haikou City. There is Jinniu Lake, a comprehensive zoo, white pigeon garden, butterfly garden, bamboo garden, betel nut garden, jackfruit garden, tropical subtropical garden orchard, flower garden, martyr's cemetery, fitness square. Haikou City, the capital of Hainan Province, has a large garden scenic spot with Jiuyuan and one lake. It is named because of the peak-shaped cow body, the village of Lingjiao is scattered, the coconut trees are forested, and the green leaf tile houses are hidden from each other."
    Highlights: Jinniuling Park is a place for Haikou citizens to relax on weekdays. The park is not big, with green trees in all seasons and many tropical plants. There is also a zoo with some wild birds, which is especially suitable for parent-child outings. The palm garden in the park has a complete variety of palm trees, scattered high and low, with a tropical scenery. The park is mainly divided into two parts: a tropical botanical garden and a zoo. It leads directly to the entrance of the park on Haixiu Avenue. The thick and tall palm trees are lined up on both sides of the road. Looking up on the way, you can see a tall and mighty Taurus in the green. It is the symbol of the park here. There are different scenic spots in the park with different scenery. The park has Jinniu Lake, a comprehensive zoo, pigeon garden, butterfly garden, bamboo garden, betel nut garden, jackfruit garden, tropical and subtropical orchard, flower garden, martyr's cemetery and fitness square. It is a large-scale Haikou with nine gardens and one lake. Landscaped Park.
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  • No.4

    Century Park

    77 Reviews
    2.8km from downtown
    "[View] Nantianhai Island style; the scenery is great; running, walking, reading... are all good choices; it is a place for tourists to check in in the mainland; inside 🈶 the red Yundong Library; especially recommended; the night view is more beautiful; [interesting] a lot; [price-performance ratio] no tickets;"
    Highlights: Century Park is located at Century Bridge, Longhua District, Haikou, Hainan. The park is mainly composed of a large area of lawns, forests and lakes. District, Exotic Park and Mini Golf District.
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  • No.5

    Haikou West Coast Park

    77 Reviews
    10.8km from downtown
    "The park by the sea is very comfortable. It is very comfortable to walk and bend. It is also very close to the surrounding characteristic buildings. Parking is convenient. Haikou is really slow and comfortable. When the weather is good, you can bask in the sun. Don’t have a taste."
    Highlights: The West Coast Strip Park is 11 kilometers away from the center of Haikou, Hainan Province. It is located in the northwest of Haikou City, adjacent to Xiuying Port in the east, Xinhai Forest Farm in the south, Guangdong-Haizhou Railway Channel Wharf in the west, and Qiongzhou Strait in the north. It is an open coastal park. . The West Coast Ribbon Park stretches in a ribbon shape along both sides of Binhai Avenue, adjacent to Qiongzhou Strait to the north, including Xixiu Beach and Holiday Beach, with a total length of about 11 kilometers, an area of 104.3 hectares, and a green space rate of 86%. Nearby is the broad Coconut Forest Avenue, with sculptures, meadows, corridors, paths and beaches on both sides. The sea in the distance is the mirage-like Haikou City, which is a key project in the construction of tourist attractions in Haikou City in recent years. Citizens and foreign tourists provide another good place for leisure and entertainment and a beautiful environment for activities.
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